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Colors Around You Creates Pleasant Magic

Colors Are Pleasing,
They Are Silent Musing,
They Just Make Our Way,
After An Hectic Day They Give Us A Pleasant Stay.
I believe every house says something. Every house have its own story, from Colors to Interiors. Builders build buildings and we with all our love, desire and passion transform it to house. From few walls and doors infrastructure we give shape to our thoughts with colors and interiors. Colors create magic and give soul to house.
But the day of deciding color for your place is quite hectic especially with the shade cards. We love a shade but get confused how it looks on walls. And this confusion continue until painting is done. What if you don’t love it? You’ll surely hate it but cant get it undone.
Hey Guys! You don’t need to worry now here comes our all time favourite BedBathMore to our resuce with its super awesome PaintFinder option.
Just 3 easy steps and PaintFinder will help you select your favourite color and gives you a preview how it looks.
1. Select Paint Shade
2. Select Room To Preview Paint.
When You Find Your Favourite Shade ,
3. Order Shade Card/ Paint Sheet.
Sounds simple, it’s more simple than it sound. And You will find perfect shade for your dream house.
The theme I Created Is Sunshine Glow. Yellow is my all time favourite and I always wanted to paint my house in yellow but with so many Yellow color shades I always get confused and sadly have to shift my choice from yellow to some other color.
But this time,  I won’t settle for any other color as with awesome PaintFinder I found my favourite shade and will get my house painted in my favourite colour soon.
Sunshine Glow,  reflects my persona, bright and glowing. Yellow describes charm and passion for me and always give a ray of hope.
If you get confused with colors BedBathMore also have some awesome ready to use Themes you will surely fall in love with.
When I browsed all Lovely themes,  The two I loved the most is Timeless Classic Aged Beige & Exotic Dusky Lavender.
That’s not all with paint finder. It also comes with Paint Calculator Feature where you can find your paint cost with choice of type of paint(Luxury/Premium/Economic). Difference in all three types are well explained too.
So selecting your favorite paint shade,  and find its costing too it’s so damn easy.

Simple Infrastructure Transforms To A Beautiful House, 
With Lots Of Thoughts, Love And Passion Around, 
Colors Are Secret Of Beauty Inside, 
They Just Reflects The Thoughts Of Your Heart And Mind. 

Finding That One Perfect Shade, 
A Big Struggle On Selecting Day, 
Choices Were Made With Confusion, 
BedBathMore Comes Up With PaintFinder Revolution, 
A Big Relief To Our Confused Minds, 
Our Beloved Thoughts Gets Direction So Bright. 
PathFinder revolution For Our Satisfaction. 
Just Use It For Your House Perfection. 

I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda &Bed Bath & More

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