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Television Commercials.

Television Commercials are most favorite part of my idiot box entertainment. Wanna know why,  because the mommy here can watch only them uninterrupted as my son loves them and during my favorite shows,  I have no choice but playing with him.

After a few annoying days even I started enjoying Television Commercials.  They are so damn interesting.
Some try to sell creams &  face-wash claiming u’ll be fair – I mean seriously, just a cream can make me fair..  Wowww beauty blessing… But I still love to be dusky.
Some says,  eat and get slim –  is it, eating and slimming hand in hand,  bliss for every fatty out there.
I saw dogs driving cars so swiftly..  Loved the flying scarf seriously.
Speaking Japanese with Chewing gum. OMG! language learning made so easy.
Or you converting to owl and getting Kapil Sharma’s Baba Ji Ka Thullu.
But television commercials play a big role in our life, our favorite products change with them. I really bow down to the creative persons behind every commercial because they just transform a simple  product  to a revolution. Can’t comment  on every product’s genuinity but surely every product have its big fan following, it’s all because  of commercials promoting them.
Sharing a little secret, even my list of favorites is because of these commercials. I just enjoy watching them, and love my little love watching  and sometimes imitating them.
Television Commercial,
No Comments On How Fake Or Real,
But They Have More Variations Than My Favourite Serial,
Some Are Funny,  Some Are Filmy,
Some Are Promising, Some Have Something Missing,
Some Make You Smile, Some Make You Laugh,
Some Just Make Buying Decision Tough,
But Surely They Mould Our Choice,
Products Wear An Entertaining Disguise,
They Are Surely Fun To Watch,
And Can Easily Got Our Attention Catch.
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