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Confused What To Wear, Wear Black.

A visit to Mall, Dayout with friends, Date With Love, Nightouts, Big events. OMG! So many times to dress up and only confusion what to wear, which color, matching accessories.. Gosh! We girls have such a hectic life.
Even with my overloaded wardrobe, I’m always confused what to wear and its matching accessories. For me selecting what to wear is always like discovering a needle in a room full of hay, which often leads to spoiled mood.
Being a Mother now, I get hardly 10-15 mins to select what to wear, dress up, finish my makeup and hairdo and get ready. I simply don’t have choices to try different dresses and pick the best one.
So, I get my favourite color to my rescue.. Yeah, Black it is . My wardrobe is full with blacks from tops and tunics to beautiful LBD’s, long gowns and even beautiful sarees, Oops did I forget mentioning black denims, Capri,  shorts & skrits. Name an attire and u ll find the black version of it in my wardrobe. Black every day, black every season is my myntra of perfect dressing.
Why Black ::
1. No worry of matching. A all black look is all u want or mix with any color, Its always perfect.
2. It camouflage stains. Being a mom of 2years old my clothes are more likely to get stains which are not at all visible with black.
3. Suits every skin tone. Fair, wheatish or dark, whatever Ur skintone is, u can flaunt black always.
4. Wild Accessories suits black the best. Start experimenting.
5. It works in every season. It’s a color for every season and works best every time.
6. It’s Figure-Flattering. Girls, here’s the best fact with black, it makes u look slim and flaunt ur curves awesomely.
7. Mask cloth cost. Cheap or costly black is always sexy, lovely and desirable.
8. Never goes out of style. Yeah, it always in and trendy. Any day, any way, any place, any occassion any season. If it’s black, its the best.
So beautiful girlies out there and boys with beautiful girls in life, if u or ur beautiful partner goes out of clues what to wear, just wear black and catch everyone’s glance n fetch big bunch of compliments.
Confused!!! Wear Black.

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