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10 Little Toes To Inspire

Dream, True Essence Of Being Alive,
Dream, Journey We Always Strive,
Dream, An Unsaid Thought To Give Us Smiles,
Dream, An Expressions Of Our Step To Cover Miles.

Every heart, mind and soul have a dream to console.

But how many of us actually live our dreams?
How many of us starts following their dream?
How many of us gives wings to dreams?
How many of us really realise dreams?
Questions that pinches alot and definitely shake the mind and soul. Me an Engineer by qualification and a poetess from soul, sacrifices my dreams in both fields for family.
I loved Poetry but my sister discouraged me, to mold the best engineer in me and she succeeded to make the career-oriented girl in me to overpower the poetess.
I loved being an engineer, when I got married and circumstances made a homemaker.
Over the time I realised its being a big blunder in my life, am neither an engineer nor a poetess any more. And it just shaken me from top to toe. I asked myself, what I am now? and I don’t have any answer.
I just sit with a pen n paper and decided to revoke the poetess in me and that day I wrote a beautiful poem for my darling hubby n he simply loved it and it continues but wait its not the real me I dnt just wanna write I wanna get heard/read too.
I just sit and questioned myself,
Is this is what my life is for,
Can’t I step ahead in any of the field I love,
Can’t something can inspire me more.
Truely blessed with a darling hubby who is always a source of inspiration but before I move ahead, goodnews of being pregnant gives it a u-turn. With loads of ups n downs in health time just passed and my little prince arrived, and for him I again I just put my dreams aside.
But it always hurt my soul that I can’t follow my dreams. It always hurt me and I always wanted to scream but my little bundle proves to be my big inspiration.
When First Time He Tries To Latch, Fails But Tries Again – He Inspired Me
When He Tries To Turn, Fails But Tries Again – He Inspired Me.
When He Tries To Raise His Head , Fails But Tries Again – He Inspired Me
When He Tries To Sit, Fails But Tries Again – He Inspired Me,
When He Tries Speak His First, Fails But Tries Again – He Inspired Me,
When He Tries To Walk, Fails But Tries Again – He inspired me.
Yes, with his every action, he just Inspired me. He inspired me to break my life’s monotony. He Inspired me to give new dimension to my dreams. So from both my passions in my life I  choosed Poetry over Engineering, reason was  quite clear to me I want to give myself a dimension where people started knowing the real me. I don’t want monetary growth. I just wanted to get lots of love and appreciation over lots of money.
Thinking over all this I just stepped into the blogging world. To direct my dreams the way I want. And my journey started.
Though am a newbie but being a blogger saying what I heart wants and being read. Gives me immense pleasure. I was inspired to follow my dreams by my little love and with him as inspiration, I step forward my little steps to reach heights I wanted.
2 Little Feets And 10 Little Toes Arrive,
To Break My NeverEnding Strive,
To Push My Steps Towards My Dreams,
To Make Me Realize I Am Avoiding My Heart’s Scream,
To Say Please Don’t Compromise,
To Always Always Always Inspire.
So, here I am, a girl next door, a homemaker, a mother and undoubtedly someone whom u can relate to, in a big Chase towards her little dreams.
A dream to write my heart out, 
A dream to reach a big audience out there,
A dream to get appreciated by some of them,
A dream to win a few hearts,
A dream to walk a long journey and never apart.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggersby BlogAdda.

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