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Growth Of Bloggers & Influencers In Recent Years

In this era of technology, people have so much engaged themselves into social media that has given amazing growth blogging and influencing industry and to the influencers and bloggers, artists, digital creators, brands, and to business as well. In around past two years since the pandemic has hit the globe, social media users have been increased by 13% which is around half a billion users.

Because of this rapid growth and the time we’ve been spending on social media has increased so the market and growth of influencers have been increasing.
During this period, it has been noticed that people are joining social media platforms and coming up with their new trends and ideas which is boosting the growth. New Business, content creators, influencers and artists rate has been increased which is affecting Social marketing, awareness, fashion, trends, and whatnot.

The Era Of Influencer Marketing

Talking about Influencers/Bloggers, they create content for their audience to entertain them, give them knowledge/awareness, and also the brands are approaching them for their promotions and product/service awareness. Influencer marketing has increased rapidly overtima and boomed up to next level during last one and half year because since lockdown people are spending more time scrolling and following on social media. They got inspired by the Influencers and try to follow their lifestyle, from the way they talk to the way they eat, dress and whatnot.

Bloggers have influenced people in many ways that during the pandemic people has trusted them so much that instead of reaching out to any doctor and hospitals, they were reaching out to Influencers to help them with medicines, injections, food, etc.

And why not? Influencers have given their best to help everyone reaching out to them without thinking twice about their engagement rate etc. This has increased the trust and power of social media and Influencers.

Brands are now spending more on influencer marketing as they are getting the desired revenue and this has increased the requirements of Influencers. Not just that, the more requirements mean more competition. Creators are coming up with creative and trending ideas on a regular basis which has to boost the competition between the creators. Reels have been introduced during the same period which is helping creators going viral these days.

The Competition Level, Giving Influencing An Extra Leap

Because of increasing competition, the creative mindset, thinking have also been increased and so has the business. People are investing more time in planning, executing, and editing the contents because now it’s more of editing than recording. And this has definitely increased the pressure of doing best than yesterday, which has lead social media to a more creative side. Sometimes it becomes so hectic for one but still instead of giving up, they always come up with something worthy enough. Influencers and creators are giving their best to the platform and to entertain us in the best way possible.

They are very well aware of their target audience and therefore they work accordingly serving their audience and creating a trademark in this competitive market. They have been showing the best with the most innovative and creative ideas to portray n front of the audience and gaining the best out of them.

It’s like with each passing day, the market is growing vast with new trends and ultimately new competitors. Even in the tough times that all of us were going through, they were there doing exclusively amazing in their industry boosting our morale, cheering us up with their valuable content, and of course, helping all the ones in need.

My Journey As A Blogger/Influencer

My journey as a blogger started 5years back, just because I love writing and never thought of monetary benefits related to it. Over the period of 5 year, I have seen a tremendous growth in myself as a blogger.

With my love for writing and my little one by my side, it’s a beautiful journey. My blog and my son growing together. I remember, moments when I expressed everything in my life, from my parenting journey, to my happiness when India won cricket match.

From reviewing products I love to collaborating with brands to showcase their products on my blog to landing on platforms that provides opportunities to bloggers to earn monetary benefits and making most of our skills of writing and influencing the world.

From blogging to social media influencing, we evolved together. In last 5 years, I have seen changes in trends, from loving detailed articles on websites to crisp picture reviews on instagram to quick video reviews. Me as a blogger and influencer improved my way of influencing and reached many within my country and across the globe.

My journey as a Mommy Blogger, gave me an opportunity to add on some extra oomph to my motherhood journey. Being a mommy blogger made me a better version of me.

I met some amazing people and made some great friends too. The zest of writing and creating content made me feel super happy and keep me motivated always.

The blogosphere has always been my happy place. It empowers me and now with my always evolving social media influencing and extended family of readers and viewers, I feel blessed that I choosed to do something I love. But whereever I reached today, my first step towards growth and this journey was my blog and as rightly named, I finally, am able to turn my dreams into reality.

We as influencers and the bloggers give our personal touch to the content we provide and try to make everyone feel more like a family to us. The relatable content we share has given a boom to us as a blogger and to this industry as a whole.

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  1. You are right Yogita. Digital content creators which includes influencers have show a great amount of dedication during pandemic. When the entire world is handling this challenging situation, influencers are making all the efforts in coming up with new ideas to keep their audience entertained, contribute in boosting their morale.

  2. I agree with you, blogging is something that has given me a new and wonderful identity, and yes when we, bloggers share something we make sure it is well researched and true to our readers.

    • Influencer is full of competition it’s not that easy as it looks … But I am happy as I have got my own identity and I am happy that I am following my passion.

  3. Absolutely true! We elove as the blog grows. our journey as bloggers has just changed and we have added more to our daily living

  4. Yes agree that influencer marketing is trending during pandemic era and people pay a lot of attention on what bloggers and influencers advice. I could co relate with your blogging journey so well and feel the same that is has made me a better version of myself. indeed blogging is a rewarding carrier and I am loving it so much.

  5. I always loved reading and wiritng and blogging gave me thay space to share my thghts. Influencing on Instagram again gave me a platform to show the real me to all. I’ve made a new identify for myself and people at times remember and call me e as Mummatalks rather than Hansa.

  6. Wow that’s a wonderful journey. Yes blogging has taken many leaps and I am glad people are taking it seriously than before. Influencing people especially in what you believe in will add credibility to yourself.

  7. It was wonderful reading about your journey. Blogging has evolved a lot over the years and influencing has become a big part of it. The perks are limitless!

  8. Many congratulations of the wonderful journey, we all have learned a lot from this field. As you rightly mentioned, this is a wonderful area which has given many a second leash of career growth.

  9. This is so true, even I too have got an identity as a blogger & campaigner in the online world. And with time I have learned a lot and have met a few amazing people who are genuinely very nice. Congratulations on completing 5 years of your beautiful journey

  10. So good to know about your journey. I too feel both blogging n influencing has evolved over the years and is thankful to these platforms to give me also an identity.

  11. Blogging has become a low hanging fruit these days and almost everyone with a smartphone can become a blogger now provided they can communicate long-term about their chosen niche. I have been blogging since 2006 and have seen the blogging scene in India grow in magnitude. It was lovely to read about your journey as a blogger.

  12. I can absolutely resonate with each and every word you’ve written. I started my journey four years back. There is no looking back. Competition has paved way to more creative content.

  13. It was interesting to read about journey as a blogger. Blogging and influencing has become very common these days. It was not so when I started in 2011.

  14. Love to here your point of view on blogging world and your journey as well. Niw blogging or influencing has become so common but not back in the day when I started .

  15. So good to read about your blogging journey. And it is so relatable. The blog gives us mothers a separate place of our own where we can fulfil our dreams and life. even I started some 6 years ago and am so proud of where I am today.

    Keep growing.

  16. I agree with you Yogita, my friend. See blogging has empowered so many of us and continues to do so even if get into further influencing on different platforms like Instagram. but a primary platform for us will always be our blogs.

  17. Every word you penned is so true Yogi, seeing you after a v long time today and feel overwhelmed. It is so good to see your blogging journey hand in hand with your little one growing up, I still owe a lot to you and from our initial days and it will remain the same. Loved this piece penned by you

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