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I Am A Women – #IAmCapable

She Wake Up Early,
She Sleeps Late,
No One Ask What She Want,
Till Date…
Follow The Orders,
Full fill The Demands,
She Is Only Meant To Follow Commands.
Mop The Floor,
Wash Clothes,
Prepare Food But Eat At End,
Its An Annoying Trend.
Take Care Of Babies,
Office Is Not For You,
Follow Your Usual Routines,
Don’t Try Anything New.
Show Respect,
Keep Your Mouth Shut,
Be Polite, Don’t Argue,
Be Fake Dont Be True You,
Don’t You Dare To Say If Or But.
Damn You,
Do You Seriously Think This Is What A Women Meant For??
Am A Professional,
To Give Wings To My Dreams,
I Wanna Be Independent,
I Wanna Be Me.
Its My Life,
I Have Right To Decide,
I Am Capable,
Do Earn And Live A Happy Life.
Am A Housewife By Choice,
Its Choosen By Me.
Definitely Not To Be Your Maid,
But To Make Happy Your Tiring Day.
Am A Stay At Home Mom,
It Doesn’t Mean For Society Am Out Of Form.
It Means I Have My Own Definition Of Priority,
Which Is Not Understandable By Your Society.
Stop Judging Me,
By What I Wear,
That’s None Of Your Business,
Please Be Aware.
Stop Judging Me,
By Profession I Follow,
Its My Work,
Not My Shadow.
Stop Judging Me,
As A Mom At Home,
If I Step Out,
I Am More Capable Than You All.
Stop Judging Me,
Be You A Stranger Or Friend,
I Owe No Explanation,
Its My Life At First Till The End.
My Look Is Not My Identity,
My Work Is Not My Character Certificate,
Being Judgemental Is Your Hobby,
Not Reacting To Your Meaningless Judgements,
Is My Etiquette.
Tie A Knot,
#IAmCapable Of Everything,
Actually You Are Not.
Give It A Thought,
Try Being A Homemaker,
A Toddler By Your Side,
Every Second He Need Mother.
Doing Every Chaos With One Hand,
Holding Him At The Other End.
Keep Smiling To Him And Keep Working.
Finish Work After He Sleeps,
Off To Bed After Finishing Work,
The Moment Your Little Wake Up..
Answer Honestly,  Are You Capable Of Doing This.
No You Can’t, Only #IAmCapable.
Give Another Try To My Life,
Try Being A Working Mom,
Wakeup Before Your Little Does,
Finish All Your Work,
Take Care Of Everyone’s Every Need In Advance,
You Can’t Make Mistakes By Any Chance.
Answer Honestly,  Can You Work From Sunrise To Next Sunrise,
Without Complain.
No You Can’t, Only #IAmCapable
Questioning My Attire Every Moment,
Try Spending One Hour,
Drapping Beautiful Saree,
And Doing Household Works Unending Spree,
I Bet You Can’t.
Only #IAmCapable.
Stop Creating Conditions,
You Can’t Survive,
Come Out Of The Old Setereotype.
#IAmCapable To Break The Rules,
I Am A Homemaker,
Its My Choice,
I Am A Stay At Home Mother,
Its My Decision,
I Wear What I Want,
Its My Style,
I Say Yes Or No To Mangalsutra,
Its My Call,
I Spent Time Shopping Or Cuddling My Son,
Its My Life.
#IAmCapable Of Being True Me…


“I’m breaking stereotypes based on appearance by sharing my experience for the #IAmCapable activity atBlogAdda in association with Nihar Naturals.”

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  1. "If I step out,
    I'm more capable than you all"
    Loved these lines, and you sure are capable than most out there, Yogita! Good poem that nicely brings out the struggles and dreams of today's woman.

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