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Always Maintain Work/Life Balance.

Housewife, Freelancer Or Working women. Whatever role you play in your life, you always need to maintain a balance between your work and your life. Being a housewife, a blogger and a mom, I always understand the need of this balance. Its never easy to maintain the balance. I strongly agree that its difficult for a working women but its aint easy for a women at home.

We need to dedicate equal time to work and life and thats very important. And being a mommy at home, I need to dedicate my time to household chores, my son and my blog. Everything I do needs full attention and lots of dedication. I cant ignore one thing for other and no work can wait. Being a blogger I have some time and work commitments always but that don’t allow me to avoid other two aspects of my life.

How I manage my work/life balance?
Though am not a office goer or working with time boundations but still I follow some rules/tips for maintaining balance in my life.

1. I always prioritize my time and work. I always prepare a to do list and prepare accordingly. The time I dedicate to my son study or activities that need my supervision is my time to do food preps that eventually reduces my cooking time and helps in gaining some extra time for other tasks. I always prioritize my tasks on the basis of importance and urgency.

2. I am a morning person, I wakeup early in morning and dedicate my time to my blog and writings that help me to have some quite time and I dedicate it properly to my work. Waking up an hour or two early from everyone in family, ease my work, quicken my work process and help me be free for other tasks when needed.

3. I always include ‘Me Time’ in my schedule, thats purely when hubby is in office and kiddo in school. Thats indeed needed to relax, be calm and plan further to keep the balance going on.

4. If you are having a time based job, you have your work hours sorted but if you are working from home (freelancer) or you are housewife like me, you should set your work hours and have a time dedicated to each work and stick to it for a easy execution of every task.

5. I mostly prepare agenda for a week in advance and try to stick to it and being a blogger as I always have sudden works arriving, I always have a free slot of an hour or two for those sudden work loads so that, I dont need to avoid one work for other. This actually make my time utilization easy and my work more organized.

Why I Am Talking About This?
I always saw and felt that women are a little reluctant in making life decisions due to multiple priorities in life but every women who take decisions and follow their heart always excel in their work. Recently I read interview of one such women and it make me realise that women can do anything. The impeccable women in business Nancy Behrman is a founder and leader in the world of beauty and lifestyle brand publicity. Nancy began Behrman Communications out of her studio apartment thirty years ago and in thirty years achieved the success graph thats commendable. Check out Nancy at Behram interview where she talk about her journey, challenges she faced and how she overcome it. This interview gives you lots of positivity and inspiration.

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  1. You are right, finding the balance is challenging but we have to be self-displined in order to achieve family and work goals. I have read Nancy’s interview and found it very uplifting.

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