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Sibling Love

A strange bond we share,
we love, we care,
Not together 24X7,
Still connected in hearts forever,
The charm of having a sibling is every glowing,
We have a sweet and spicy way of showing.

We fight the most,
Irritate each other to the core,
And when the other one is upset we irritate more,
We just can’t let others irritate them,
You just can’t mess with my sibling,
Trust me that’s gonna be your worst doing.

Complaints are our favorite game,
The blame game and lots of fame,
Mommy – mommy we always shout,
When other get mom’s scolding we feel proud,
We step forward to save them,
when dad’s anger in on peak,
We stand together,
In front of Papa’s anger.

I am youngest in 6 siblings,
Being pampered by all is a blessing,
They all love me, pamper me the most,
My elder sisters are my inspiration,
My elder brothers are my best dost.

My eldest brother is like a father figure for me,
Being 15 year younger than him is a bliss,
He loves me like a princess,
Still cares for me like a little girl,
He makes me feel blessed forever,
We are away but still together forever.

My elder sis is my lucky charm,
she is my confidante in my life race,
I just can’t stay q day away from her,
A phone call every day is a must,
She knows my dirtiest secrets,
And understands my deepest pains,
She is my guide, my mentor,
She is my biggest strength and my amazing dost.

Brother just elder to me is someone with golden heart,
He makes everyone fall for him as he is too smart,
He was my best friend always,
who acts as a bodyguard,
My safety is his utmost priority,
My success was his reward.
Without a doubt, he scolds me the most,
but always save me from others scolding,
I know he loves me the most,
trust me he is my most precious relationship award.

Siblings are blessings,
Siblings are love,
They are your biggest strength,
The relation is as pure as a dove.
Sweet of love, Spice of fight,
Relationship of siblings is just right🤩

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  1. Simple sweet & nice poetic way of expressing the love to siblings. Loved reading it yogita.

  2. Wow…Loved reading your sibling story in the form of poetry. Beautifully written. Loved the way you have expressed your relationship with your siblings. Stay blessed.

  3. A nice way to celebrate Sibling love and recall the memories of past. #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk

  4. Such beautiful lines. We share different bond with our brother and sister but one thing that remains the same in it. That is love. unconditional love.
    #Siblingtalks #Siblingstories

  5. Beautiful. Loved reading till end. #siblingtalks #siblingstories.

  6. Finally we have some poetry for the cause of siblings. Loved it because sibling relationships are everything that poetry represents.

    Arvind Passey

  7. Finally we have some poetry for the cause of siblings. Loved it because sibling relationships are everything that poetry represents.

  8. True that siblings are blessings. Enjoyed reading your unique and different styled sibling poem

  9. Nice poem on Siblings 🙂
    Yes siblings are special 🙂

  10. woow yogita you are great poet I must say. what a beautiful poem on sibling relation

  11. Absolutely loved reading this poem

  12. Liked your poetic way of expressing the beautiful bond with your siblings. Well written!

  13. Coming up with a poem is something that’s really cool. I admire it more because I can never attempt poetry. Wonderful

  14. You’ve put all our thoughts into words, Yogita. And is such a lovely poetic form. Loved reading this.

  15. Hey Yogita, long time. I have always appreciated your poems. And this one was no different. Lots of love and blessings for you and your siblings.

  16. Wow.. U have penned down in such a beautiful poetic form your story. Loved reading it.

  17. What a lovely poetry on siblings. I agree with you that siblings are blessings. Not only that, I agree with every line you mentioned in the poem.

  18. Such a sweet and beautiful poetry that was. Loved every bit of it

  19. so creative to have pen this down in a form of poem. i got so emotional while reading it. thanks !

  20. Six siblings means you guys must bring the house down !! It’s such a different perspective where you have a father figure and inspirations in your older siblings. And I so agree that we will tease the younger sibling but one one else can do that!

  21. Love reading this creative and thoughtful poem of yours.Perfect way to cherish the beautiful bond of siblings.

  22. Totally loved the poem so heart touching and made me nostalgic my bro is all in one but yes he is there for me when I need him

  23. Your poetry says all aspects of Siblings, liked the flow in the poetry.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  24. I am delighted to read the poetry on Siblings, you all must have great galore time in childhood.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  25. Loved reading your poetry as always. You are a great poet. Amazing childhood memories shared by you!

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