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Election 2019 – India Wins

Today Neither BJP Wins,
Nor Others Loose,
Today India Wins,
Beacause Together We Choose.

Its Not Just People’s Decision,
Which Came In Form Of Results,
Its The Victory Of Indians,
Who Have Seen Many Democratic Insults.

This Victory Is Dedicated To All Indians,
Who Voted Coming Out Of Religion.
This Victory Is Dedicated To Everyone,
Who Stopped Following Families, Religion and Corruption.

Its A Victory Of Every House Without Smoke,
Its A Victory Of Every Village Without Darkness,
Its A Victory Of Every Place Without Garbage,
Its A Victory Of Every Farm Without Dryness.

Its A Victory Of Our Hygienic Living,
Its A Victory Of Us Growing And Progressing,
Its A Victory Of Every New Bank Account That Come Live,
A Victory Of Demonetization And GST That Got Criticised.

Today Its A Victory Of Our Army Men,
Who Faught For Us Till Last Breath,
Its The Victory Of Mother,
Who Salute Her Martyr Son With Pride,
Its A Victory Of Wife,
Who Proudly Tell Her Child Story Of Surgical Strike.

We Choosed Sucess and Process,
And Voted For The Name Who Lead The Way,
This Time Most Of The Fingers Were Inked,
And We Choosed A Right Leader In Right Way.

Many Big Names, Lost The Faith,
We All Leads To A Decision Thats Great,
Others Got Some Lessons To Learn,
Where Winner Just Slayed.

Together We Voted, Together We Selected,
Together We Step Ahead In A Better Way,
Its A Victory Of We Indians As Indians,
Its A Victory Of Our Undivided Nation.

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  1. well said, its a wins of Indian people not a party… The like the way you write the posts. all are awesome

  2. Very well written ! You truely have bought out our emotions well

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    It has been an incredible mandate and I do believe you are right that the people have come together as one voice.

  4. Yes that’s a cumulative win, the win of whole India and all citizens. India is on a great journey, hope to see lots of more developments.

  5. Yes, it’s the win of our nation and it’s the win if everything citizen who voted for the betterment of future .

    Love your poetic attitude to express the true feelings.

    • That’s a very beautiful post. Loved reading your thoughts. I agree they should work for the betterment and development of India

  6. Agree with you dear, it’s not about a party, it’s a wins of Indian people. Very nice post

  7. This is very nicely written dear it’s a wins of india people not a party very nice post dear

  8. It feels good to read that India won rather than reading a particular party won. By the way awesome lines! 🙂

  9. You are correct. It is ultimately the country that wins. The largest democracy in the world is indeed a beacon for others to emulate.

  10. We have one faith. And our faith for a better nation won. India showed how the power of people reunited together can bring a big change.

  11. This is the most beautiful take on the recent elections. You are so right. It’s the victory of the entire main cumulatively.

  12. Can’t agree more, a strong message that a lot of people need to know, I am definitely sharing this link ahead.

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