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Enjoy The Essence Of Village In City At Surajgarh Farms, Gurgaon

Tired Of Hustle Bustle Of City Life,
I Miss The Peaceful Sight,
Choaking In Pollution Of Every Kind,
I Wished Of A Place That Make Me Feel Alive😍

And My Wish Come True,
With A Village Admist The City,
With Peaceful Sight Very Pretty,
With Loads Of Fun And Activities,
Away From The Environmental Impurities.

I Found My Kind Of Place,
With Fun, Masti And Peace To Ace,
A Perfect Place With Exuberance,
A Place Thats Synonymous To Excellence

➡️➡️➡️➡️”Surajgarh Farms , Gurgaon”⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️

Recently we got a chance to visit the ‘Surajgarh Farms’ property. This farm is located at Sector 59, Gurugram, Haryana. It’s really a very huge farm with lots of happenings. If you are from Gurgaon then it’s not that far-off but if you are from any other region then this property is bit distant but trust me the time you spend while travelling is worth because the place is so much fun. While going to farm you have to cross a couple of villages which might give you some awkwardness but the things are perfectly fine and you wont face any issues. The timings of the farm in summer is 4PM – 11PM while in winters it’s 9AM -7PM.

Surajgarh farms is really worth exploring. The moment you enter there, they welcome with ‘Dhol’ and Indian rituals like Tilak followed by a welcome drink (which I really liked very much). Within the farm there are numerous proceedings where you can go and participate. The farm is spread across a very vast area which gives adequate space to each activity. These activities includes Pottery, Magic Show, Puppet Show, Gaming area, DJ, Swimming pool, Mud bath etc. They have also facilitated a riding zone, which includes the camel ride, bullock cart ride, tractor ride and horse ride. For over enthusiastic kids they have multiple rope exercises cum activities, zip lining and much more

One of the fundamental thing I really liked was that they had placed the ‘Water Milton’ at certain distance which makes you stress-free from carrying water bottles. They offer snacks and have a perfectly designed snack area where you can relish different chats.

They also have a small zoo with pet animals and birds there, where they have roosters, pigeon, goats and parrots. They have positioned Indian cot and bamboo chairs at many places in case someone wants to rest. And they also have creative seating made of tyres and they are super comfortable. They have created shades in path ways so that no one will have to suffer in the summer. The greenery is really good and well maintained.

In the night when they lit the lights then the beauty of the farm brightens magnificently against the dark. They have use the traditional ways to light up the farm and their decoration goes well with it. Lights, lanterns and what not. The beauty of this place is immensely mesmerizing.

For kids it’s really a very good place to explore, as kids can go in the mud bath and enjoy under the rain dance. Pottery is really a good choice for kids. Puppet show was very entertaining. Magic was really humorous and worth experiencing for the kids. Snacks and tea that they served there, were good. They have also established a shop there in case someone want to buy something and carry something home as souvenir.

Not to forget the delicious vegetarian dinner we relished at the farm. It was really scrumptious. They arrange a buffet and have enough capacity to manage a good crowd. Also, there is some chulha facilities where ther serve authentic food like Kadhi, daal baati, and Roti straight from Chulha. Their staff was very friendly, interactive and helpful and the entire aura there was magical.

In short, I enjoyed visiting there. If you are planning something to keep your kids engaged this summer holidays that do visit Surajgarh farm and your weekend sorted and make sure you enjoy full day as there is a lot to experience there.

Ticket Price (Open 7days (Monday to Sunday))

  • Single- INR 1199
  • Kids- INR 599
  • Couple-INR 2299

Address-Golf Course Extension Road, Sector _ 59Gurugram (Gurgaon) 122002, India

I will suggest you to drive yourself or hire a full time taxi to reach the location. It can be difficult to get cabs when you return

My Rating :

  • Ambience – 5/5
  • Entertainment -5/5
  • Food Taste – 5/5
  • Food Hygiene -5/5
  • Overall Experience -5/5

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  1. Wow I had never heard of this place but it looks really fantastic for a weekend getaway with the entire family, I will check it out now.

  2. This is brilliant! Kids must be taught about from where our great country has risen. They should surely experience bullock carts and the potter’s work, agriculture. I love such places.

  3. Village kind of holidays are much needed given the hectic life of the city. This place truly makes justice to the village life. I really love the ambiance is has.

  4. first I am always impressed with your poems, you can make any poem in minutes on any topic. the place seems so beautiful and I love to visit it in this summer vacation

  5. Wow… Surajgarh farm has lots of fun activities to do for kids! Sharing this with my friends who live in delhi. 🙂

  6. I love how amazing this weekend getaway is for all of us ! Camel ride seems so interesting , I miss it so much as used to do in my childhood days

  7. It looks like amazing place to visit with family and kids. I liked the ambience and it’s a perfect gateway on weekends

  8. Surajgarh farms looks really a fun place to plan a family outing there. This place has real feel of Villages and rural India. Will definitely plan my family outing there.

  9. Recently I am hearing a lot of positive reviews about this amazing place, I would love to visit here with family especially kids for sure, thank you so much for sharing this amazing review.

  10. I really love the feel of village. And this looks so amazing and fun for kids. Surajgarh farms looks amazing for family too. As spending some quality time with family is a must.

  11. This looks like a perfect place to spend an awesome day with the family. This farm will be a great novelty for kids and it seems this farm showcases our heritage too.

  12. I would be happy to spend a weekend here with my family. I love the fact that they have amazing arrangements for food as well.

  13. This place looks so great for a weekend family trip …kids will enjoy more I suppose!!

  14. This is the best place for the whole family with round the clock entertainment and something for each age bracket. I like such places, unfortunately, in Mumbai, we have just a handful of such picnic spots.

  15. It is very near to my place and loved to know that it is a perfect place to spend a great time with the family.

  16. Places like these that promote agro tourism are really cool for chilling with kids and at the same time educative too. I loved reading this post

  17. THis is such a beautiful place indeed! I love going back to the roots from time to time!

  18. Now that sounds absolutely amazing! I loved the whole idea of having a village in city where one can enjoy!

  19. These days many kids are unaware of how village is. This can be a great experience for kids as well as adults.. Will visit for sure

  20. What an amazing place to bond with the family. Rustic and pure environment is something we all love and crave for in the city life.

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