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Solitude Camps : A Unique Stay Experience Admist Of Nature.

When cool breeze knock at the door,
Burbling of river, chirping of birds,
Woke me up to experience more,
Opening the door to smiling sunshine,
And watching green mountain lines.

This was just a snippet of my exhilarating stay at The Solitude Camps.

Solitude Camps

Free from city noise, technology and other modern interferences, The Solitude Camp is an undisturbed and peaceful place in the foothills of the majestic Dhauladhar Mountains. Whether you are looking for an activity filled camping holiday or you are simply wanting to experience the peace and tranquility of pure nature, The Solitude Camp offers a unique and exciting camping experience.

Solitude Camps

We started our tripping journey for 2020, with most serene stay we ever enjoyed at The Solitude Camps. Solitude camps is located at little picturesque town, Palampur. The beauty of this place is, it stand true to its name. Admist of beautiful nature, this place is so peaceful and serene that you cant stop yourself from falling in love this place.

While everyone is ready to move to big metro cities. Two young entrepreneurs, Vijay and Gagan, together come up with an idea of setting an unique luxurious camping experience away from hustle bustle of cities and away from any kind of technology, to make life more peaceful for few days. Solitude camp is a place where you can be you and enjoy the peace and beauty of nature at the best.

Solitude camps offers different kind stays according to your needs and each one is very economical but has all amenities.

Kashmir Hut

Solitude Camps

The Kashmir hut, is one of the luxurious wooden cottage. And that’s why we choosed this for our 4 Night stay at Solitude Camps. This is by far the most luxurious stay at Solitude Camps (P.S. With the success trail of the camp, they are expanding the campsite and you never know if they come up with something more luxurious than this).

Solitude Camps

This is a perfect stay for small families. Beautiful wooden structure, a chandelier to increase its beauty, this room have one queen size bed and one single bed as well. It has an attached bathroom also.

Solitude Camps

They provide basic anemities like mattresses, quilts, pillows, electric kettle towel, soap etc.

Solitude Camps

Opps I forget to mention the Patio where we enjoyed our meals, family time and bonfire.

Solitude Camps

Food at solitude camps is scrumptious and the staff is very courteous. They have a wide spread of Menu, and the price is very pocket friendly (and way less than we pay at our big cities).

Solitude Camps

And the way they serve food is very impressive. They use cute little cooker shaped utensils to serve curries and I just love it.

Solitude Camps

Swiss Tents

Solitude Camps

The Swiss Tents comprises a master bedroom with Queen Size Bed, attached bathroom, and patio. Swiss tents are so beautiful, unlike tents at other campsites, its colorful and give you happy vibes. There are total 3 swiss tents available as of now, and they are the perfect choice if you want to experience tent stay but looking for luxury as well.

Bamboo House

Solitude Camps

Beautifully designed with bamboo. This is indeed a piece of art from outside and luxury from inside. Its little bigger than swiss tents with Bedroom, bathroom and Patio with all amenities needed.

Bell Tents

Solitude Camps

These tents are ideal for a group of 4-5 people. As the name suggests, it shaped like a bell and looks soo beautiful. Its great for group of friends travelling together. You will get, mattresses, pillows, and quilts. If you opt for this, you will be using common washrooms but even the common washrooms have all amenities needed and separate for men/women.

Dome tents
If you are travelling with a bigger group or want to experience real camping. Solitude camp also have dome tents that can be placed whenever needed and make a comfortable stay.All the tents/cottages at The Solitude Camps have proper electricity, with power sockets (to charge your gadgets) and water supply.

Things To Do, While You Stay At Solitude Camps.
Hiking : Solitude camps is located admist of beautiful mountains and hence they have different hiking trails planned for their guests. That includes short trails to top of mountain that give you a perfect view of Palampur it takes upto 1.5-2hrs, longer trails to Old Vindyavashini Temple (takes upto 6 -7hrs) and even overnight tracking trails.
We took the small trail but we came back from half way as it started drizzling but the beauty of Solitude Camps from the height is magical.

Solitude Camps

Sight-Seeing : If you don’t want to do hiking (we didn’t opted for hiking much as we want to explore places nearby), you can visit local sightseeing at Palampur and can easily travel to Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. There is lots of places to visit and you can plan your itinerary easily. A blogpost on my detailed itinerary coming soon.The staff at Solitude camps is very friendly, courteous. A big thanks to Vipin Ji, for serving us during our stay and make us feel home.

Solitude Camps

Cost Of Accommodation:
Dome tents start from INR 800
Bell Tent ranges from INR 1700 to 2200
Swiss tent INR 2200 to 3200
Wooden cottage INR 3000 to 4000
Above rates are only for accommodation from Off season to season.

Solitude Camps

You can book your stay at The Solitude Camps from online portals like Airbnb, booking.com, Goibibo, MMT or can also directly book by calling at 8626826204 or send an email at thesolitudecamp@gmail.com. Do check https://www.solitudecamps.com/ for more details.

Solitude Camps

Plan Your Stay At Solitude Camps Now Because It’s a Place You Never Want To Miss.

A Place Where Winters Are Warm,
And Summers Are Cool,
A Place Where Every Season Is Beautiful,
A Place Where You Can Get Engrossed With Beautiful River And Mountains,
A Place Where You Live Beautiful Trails.
A Place That Fill You With Peace,
A Place Where You Can Feel What Nature Is.
A Place Where You Are Away From Hustle Bustle Of City,
A Place Where You Are Happy Without Technology,
A Place Where You Feel Home Away From Home,
A Place Where You Make Memories And Live Moments.
A Place Where You Feel The Peace, Its So Serene And Calm,
A Place Called Solitude Camp Always Welcome You With Open Arm.

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