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Jean Danhong Chen – An Immigration Attorney In California

Immigration sounds interesting, right? Its always looks fascinating to move to a new country for education, work or settling there. My sister and her hubby always wanted to settle abroad but its isn’t easy.

Immigration process is a very lengthy and tedious process and we faced a lot of problems.

  1. The Paperwork – with multiple and super lengthy forms, making mistakes us easy but even a smallest mistake can make it difficult for you.
  2. Know the law – Knowing immigration laws of the country you are migrating too is must but fetching all the details about it is not easy.
  3. Immigration process flow – immigration process is a bundle of multiple steps to be followed with precision. Even a smallest mistake can lead to rejection.
  4. And once your immigration process is successfully done than the next step is settling there, finding a proper accommodation and much more.


On one hand my sister was looking for further studies and her husband was looking for job at California. With a few job options in queue, he decided to go and settle at California. As her hubby was having multiple job interview offers in hand, so his immigration process was streamlined and easy but my sister’s immigration process was put on hold. As her husband was having interview in California and one of his colleagues introduced him to Jean Danhong Chen. To admit that she is the angel of my sister’s life and streamlined her immigration process. Her office engages exclusively in the areas of US immigrations Naturalization law. The important reasons for us to settling down with them as our Immigration Attorney are as follows:

  • License- They are licensed across the country in New York and California. Importantly they have an international team with lawyers from both the US and China. The attorneys from her office are in regular touch with the immigration law legislation and upcoming legislation with US politicians and other leaders along with other international law offices from China and other countries.
  • Trustworthy- The firm is very reliable and trusted name in the industry of immigration attorneys. They work with complete transparency, holistic approach, authenticity and thus are trusted name in the industry. Going abroad to an American country was not an easy thing and therefore consulting with the trustworthy name in the field was crucial for us. Someone who had handled many cases and the past clients had only positive experiences and positive words for them.
  • Speed with accuracy- There were so many formalities involved along with paperwork, which if not done aptly could had crushed her dreams of settling in the US. With so many processes to handle it becomes important that a trustworthy immigration attorney are hired for your smooth travel to foreign land along with settling there. There was no scope of any mistakes here. A single mistake could result in life long regret for her and us. They as immigration attorney work with great precision and accuracy, which comes from experience only. Not only they helped with immigration but also helped her in getting admission in the University of her choice and that too in subjects that she wanted to pursue. Not only this they also helped her in finding a good and safe place to reside and also help her getting a job this helped us to stay calm and assured when she actually moved out of the country. As she settled there their work didn’t end there but they regular check on her and assured that they are available 24×7 in case if ever she had any difficulty in this foreign land.
  • Registered attorney- it is important that you get your immigration process done a registered attorney who is reputed in the market. This will assure that things will be done in a very systematic way.

Jean Danhong Chen, helped alot and made the immigration process easy and streamlined. And I realized immigration attorney are saviour and they make life easy.

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  1. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Seriously a helpful post for those who want to settle down or go for education abroad. One of my relatives’ son is going to USA. I’m going to forward this to him.

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    Good to know about the services provided by this esteemed lawyer. I will recommend them to whoever asks me.

  3. My few friends live in US.
    This might help them or someone they know.
    Very informative post.

  4. This is really amazing! Immigration paperwork is a task, a huge tension and we all need a helping hand to simplify the process. This post will help ppl a lot

  5. This is a very informative post..I got to understand so many things ..I will be sharing this post across my friends

  6. Immigration Law is one termed I’ve discovered during my previous work and it is quite an interesting law and requires a good professional. I’m glad to come across Jean Chen through your post and will suggest them to my friends who are in search of an Immigration lawyer.

  7. I know the pain of visa processing and immigration this is Sach a insightful post ,will share this with my cousin

  8. Immigration is not easy process especially for new visitors. The services of to Jean Danhong Chen sounds like a saviour for your sister.

  9. Immigration is always a complicated process with so many dimensions. It is more so when you are looking to immigrate to the US. Indeed a good and committed Immigration attorney would be a godsend.

  10. I really didn’t have any such idea about immigration. This post is a guideline to someone who is Trying to immigate recently.

  11. My sister is going to move to California! This post is really very helpful for me! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Thats a informative and helpful post. Immigration is really a complicated process in all most all the countries.

  13. This is a really helpful and informative post for those who want to settle down or go for education aboard. It will come in handy for many people.

  14. It’s not easy to settle in a foreign land and legal procedures need to be tackled properly. Glad that your sister got perfect support.

  15. Wowo! Never knew the immigration was so complicated as i never needed this .
    Will definitely forward this blog to my frnds abroad

  16. An helpful post for all those who are planning to settle there. Amazing, I liked the way you shared details

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