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Zee5 original Film, Shukranu – Movie Review

Source :An OTT Platform ZEE5

Movie Name : Shukranu
Director : Bishnu Dev Halder
Cast : Divyendu Sharma, Shweta Basu, Sheetal Thakur, Aakash Dabhade
Streaming on : ZEE5


Shukranu is a movie from emergency era in 70s. When people are sterilized forcefully for the name of population control. The time of emergency have a impact on many lifes and one of the major thing impacting lifes was forceful Sterilization. Bishnu Dev Halder’s movie Shukranu have a fun take on the same. It’s a sweet love triangle with a twist which shows the brutal side of forced sterilization.


The movie is all about Inder (Divyendu Sharma), a decent factory employee, who was sterilized before his wedding. Inder works in Delhi and fall in love with Akriti (Sheetal Thakur) but thinking it’s a one sided love he agreed to marry Reema( Shweta Basu Das), a girl choosen by his family.

Just two day before his marriage, when he was on his way to home for marriage, he was abducted and despite of him saying he is about to get married, was sterilized forcefully, just to increase the number of people sterilized. Inder wasn’t able to tell anyone about this and followed all the nuptials and got married.

But, with a thought of vasectomy, his marriage get off to an awkward start. Reema thought Inder is anxious and slowly everyone knows about this. After listening to a lot of lame advices, Inder’s brother in law took him doctor and his relationship with his wife elevates.

He came back to Delhi for his Job and got a news that Reema is pregnant. On the other hand, he got to know that Akriti also had feelings for him. Thinking about his vasectomy and his wife’s pregnancy, he decided that his wife is cheating on him and this flourishes his relationship with Akriti again.

With lots of ups and downs and comic drama, the movie continues and Inder got to know that his vasectomy was unsuccessful. He regret his decision of doubting Reema and being with Akriti again. The more visual drama, movie ends with Reema giving birth to baby girl and Akriti showing symptoms of being pregnant. The twist in the end can be molded into part 2 easily.

Source : An OTT Platform ZEE5


The movie have a very strong screenplay. The sets gives out a perfect 1970’s vibes. A very sensitive topic is portrayed with a perfect dose of entertainment. The situational comedy worked perfectly in the movie. At some moments you will get a perfect dose of laughter and on other moments movie showed many emotions likes love, anger etc. At some point movie do have slapstick comedy and its give you, a perfect share of laughter.

The costumes, sets and the performances by the star cast will take you back to 70’s and you will be glued to the movie throughout.

My Critique

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it kept me glued throughout. Divyendu is always my favorite but other actors also did an amazing job. The movie is a sweet love triangle that touches the chord of social stigma faced due to forced vasectomy done for population control during emergency. The movie is a humorous take on the brutal issue of forced vasectomy during emergency in 1975. It’s a fun movie that tickle you and also manage to make you familiar with problems faced by common man due to democratic decisions. The best part of the movie is the movie keep up the humor level and didn’t compromise with the sensitivity of the topic. The movie shifts effortlessly between comedy, love and drama and the final scene is superbly written.

Don’t miss to watch Sukhranu on ZEE5, it’s a well-written story which tackles a sensitive subject in a humorous and much relatable way.

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  1. Great review Yogita!! This movie is a fun watch , the plot ,acting and script is really good. I didn’t felt it boring for a single moment. Thanks to ZEE5 for this amazing movie.

  2. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Great review buddy. I am very nee to ZEE5. This post will help me to choose what to watch.

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    The concept is novel and very interesting. I would love to watch this film on Zee5 online.

  4. I loved the unique content.
    Also the actor is too good. Many reasons to watch this on ZEE5

  5. Seems like a great movie..it is the second review I am reading it for the second time. If u recommending it, it must be a great watch. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Omg! This seems hilarious. We have only heard about forced vasectomy during emergency. This concept is amazing and a breather in the lineup of thrillers and romcoms

  7. seems like a fun watch about the dark times of the past. lets see when i get around watching it. im watching less of tv these days.

  8. This concept is quite unique and 70’s set/costumes makes it more intriguing. I have added this to my list 🙂 as I took the ZEE5 Premium subscription and have been loving their web series a lot these days!

  9. hearing a lot of good reviews about new series on Zee 5 this actor is is my favourite from pyaar ka punchnama days have to say it

  10. I really like the subject line of this movie and it seems they had presented a strong subject with comedy element. Will surly watch this. Thanks for sharing review.

  11. The plot if shukranu sounds intriguing, excited to watch what happens next with Inder. The performance in series is so entertaining. indeed a must watch this weekend.

  12. The ability to look back with humour at dark chapters of history is not an easy job. This series seems to have tried this and seems like an interesting watch.

  13. I really like the concept and the story behind this movie. It is definitely a Humorous drama. Will definitely going to watch it.

  14. The story and plot seems refreshing! It seems like a fun filled entertainer! I will definitely watch it!

  15. This looks like a deep plot with humour in it. Everyone should give this a watch. I will surely watch this. Thanks for sharing this.

  16. The plot is quite fun and it seems to be a laugh riot. I like such light hearted stories and will watch.

  17. Loved the review especially its important that the movie keeps you glued on the seat

  18. Loved the review , in fact, I have heard a lot about Shukrana, will watch with my hubby. Seems to be an interesting fun movie

  19. A wonderful and a detailed review . I think I Wil like this movie with a deep plot.

  20. This is the second blog where I am reading about this movie. Wish I could watch it but I dont have zee5 subscription.

  21. This is the second review I’m reading about this show! Sounds interesting for sure! Good review with lots of details. You should probably put “Spoiler Alert” at the top so that people who don’t want to know how it ends will not read the whole thing. I’m not familiar with Zee5 but will now check it out!

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