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Alert – Ordinary Wipes Can Cause Diaper Rashes Too.

I still remember that day my little kiddo comes to my world and brighten it up. It’s been 5 years now and the memories are still intact. His first cry was the only day I felt happy when he cries. His birth changed a carefree, fun loving girl to a caring mother. I still remember being worried about every single thing. His every cry make me feel helpless at first being conscious at the next step and make me learn at the end. With my little love A mother was born who was always worried about the well being of the little one and always want to make sure that her little one is happy healthy and smiling.

He was born in October and December brings chilling winters, to keep you safe and warm in winters like every mum I avoid frequent touches with water, used diaper more frequently and switched to baby wipes for cleaning. It was all good for first one week and then I heard my kid crying more I saw him in discomfort and I started getting more worried. When I noticed the diaper rashes I was all in my tears that my little one’s soft skin is getting hurt and the pain of rashes is unbearable. Like every single mom I blame the diapers and stop using it but the rashes are still getting worse. From diaper rash cream to home remedies everything was giving an instant relief but not a permanent solution. Rashes don’t subside and the problem doesn’t solve.

I change my pediatrician and consulted other doctors for a proper solution but the end result was same until I am at my current pediatrician, the first thing he asked was to do you use wipes to clean your baby and my answer was yes. He just suggested me to switch to cotton and water to clean my baby and advised to use same diaper rash cream for instant relief. The curious mommy I ask the doctor why not the baby wipes? He explained, baby skin is 10 times more sensitive than the adult skin and ordinary baby wipes contain harmful chemicals that can deplete the top layer of baby skin. Ordinary wipes are made up of low-cost fabric which contains 80% polyester made of petrochemicals and plastic waste and can cause redness rashes and even infections to baby skin. I came home and replaced wipes with cotton and water as suggested by a doctor and within a week my son’s rashes subside and he becomes the happy baby all over again, I continue using diapers and the rashes don’t appear or if they appear they are not as severe as before. Diapers are not the only culprit behind the rashes a little one suffers.

Over a period of time and after using many brands, I am sticking to Mother Sparsh wipes for my son as it’s water-based and contains 98% water. Mother Sparsh is India’s First Water Based Wipes Brand. Mother Sparsh wipes are made of plant-based viscose fabric and 98% water which make them as good as cotton and water. Mother Sparsh wipes are clinically proven to prevent diaper rashes and keep baby soft skin safe and help in maintaining hygiene. Mother Sparsh wipes are so soft and babies skin that is the perfect for a newborn with a more sensitive skin the velvety feel of the wife is just wow and it’s dermatologically tested and safe for the little ones. The wipes come in a beautiful packaging, it’s easy to use, travel-friendly and very cost effective. Just Rs.130 for a pack with 80 wipes.

I love Mother Sparsh wipes as its soft and save as cotton and water and is clinically proven to protect rashes. Mother Sparsh wipes are easily available at Amazon. So mommy’s don’t delay go ahead and buy the goodness of cotton and water in a wipe. Get mother Sparsh wipes for your babies now.

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  1. The wipes are really safe and hygienic for skin of little babies. These looks reasonable too

  2. This product is safe & good. I will surely share this with my cousins having kids. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. That was a great post. I too love this water wipes. They are giving great results for my kid too…

  4. These Wipes are really awesome. I so loved the softness and they look so pure yet delicate for baby

  5. I am using mothersparsh wipes and I have full trust on these wipes that they will never harm my baby skin

  6. Mothersparsh wipes are really soo safe & trust worthy for babies! Thank you for sharing the information!

  7. Wipes should be chemical free otherwise it can be harmful to baby’s skin and can cause rashes too.

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