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The Bond Is Eternal

I’m Pregnant,

I Announced!!
We’re Pregnant,
He Corrected!!!!

And Thats The Moment, I Was Sure,
With Baby, Dad Will Born.

He Waited For His Arrival,
And Little One Kept Him Waiting,
Little One Took Little Longer To Arrive,
With Baby’s First Cry, Dad Smiles.

And The Bond Strengthens,
When He(Dad) Hold Him(Baby) In His Arms,
And From Then To Now,
Both Are Best Pals.

Those Who Say,
Babies Gives Moms Sleepless Nights,
My Son Always Need Papa By His Side.
Knows Baby The Best,
Little Giggles, Loud Laughter, Unknown Cries Are Decoded Fast,
He Perfectly Take Care Of His Little Heart.

Mommying Aint Easy,
But Its Also Not Simple Being A Daddy.
With Papa, Baby Is Completely Different,
Much More Naughty And Stubborn.

Papa – His(Baby) Play Partner,
Papa – His Story Teller,
Papa – His Guide,
Papa – His Companion,
Papa – His Partner In Crime,
Papa – His First Hero!!!

Whatever He Says, Papa Does.
His Demands Never Went Unanswered.
Be It His Pretend Games,
Or Lego Wars,
Papa Is Always Ready In His One Call.

My Kiddos Keeps Papa On Toe,
With Papa He Dont Understand No🙈
Papa With All Patience Follow His Command,
Playing On His Conditions, Is Always His Demand.

My Son Is Replica Of His Dad,
No Doubt, Papa Was The First Word He Said.
My Hubby Is A Perfect Father,
Papa- Beta Are At Their Best Together.

Being Father Is Not Easy,
I Learnt It From My Hubby,
It Needs Lots More Patience,
Coz Anger From Dad Make No Sense(to baby), Papa Need To Handle Baby With Lots Of Love And Care,
To Make Bond Thats Not Overpowered By Fear.

They Both Look Alike, Think Alike,
Together Always Crazy Sometimes Normal.
My Son Shares A Bond With His Papa,
Thats Eternal…….

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  1. Yogita a perfect poem by you where you cover the bond the father and son so unique way.. Love to read it

  2. Yogita, I am really a big fan of your poetry… I love the way you wrote and the feelings you put in your words… I agree that mummying ain’t easy but being a daddy is also a tough job, well written.

  3. Shilpa Bindlish

    Totally enjoyed your poetic expression dear. 😘 Straight from your heart! Probably this is the first time I am visiting your blog and I’m sure it will be itched in my memory for long.

  4. I had a constant smile throughout reading the poetic emotions. Such nicely worded daddy love.. 😍😍 true that mommying ain’t easy.. daddying isnt. Recognition to daddy’s role in upbringing the child is needed too.. lots of Love to you for the fabulous words

  5. Loved your writing style Yogita. The poetic beauty of description is amazing:)

  6. First of all Thanx yogita for inviting me for blog chain..yes I really enjoyed it blog post..it’s inspiring for all.

  7. Enjoyed reading your poetry ! what a super fun way to express your feelings about ‘Dad’ the real #superhero!

  8. wow dear you explain the whole bond between daddy & son in a poetic way.

  9. Wow, the poem looks super cool. I loved reach ache and every life. I could relate a lot to it

  10. Yes father’s play a vital role during the growing of the child. Even if he is not there & is out earning for the family he becomes this role model for kids. Cute father-son picture btw

  11. Loved the poetry and watching our kids bond with their dads is beautiful

  12. That was very rhythmic and mind-blowing poem by you dear. And very true that touched my heart. Lovely bonding is shown there. Keep posting such things.. Loved reading them all

  13. I am always the fan of your writing. You have beautifully narrated the bond of father and son. Simply hats off to you.

  14. you write so well! I loved this sweet poem. You have shared the life happiness with a rhythm 🙂
    Your hubby is very much supportive.

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    to end.

  16. Lovely write-up. The poem is very touchy and describes life in a positive way. Loved the post.

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