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Have A Craftly Summer Vacation

Being a Mommy, first thing that I think in summer is Summer Vacation and how to spend quality time with my baby.

With Summers Come Summer Vacation,
And My Home Is A Play Destination,
With Sorching Summer,
Outing Aint Fun,
So Mommy Needs To Think,
What Can Be Done.

So This Summer Vacation,
Mom Son Duo Have Craft Mode On,
With Little Supplies And Lot Of Fun,
We Decorated Our House Corner.

So, To all Mommies out there here I am some easy craft activities to spend quality time with your little kiddo😍

Supply Needed
Old CD
Used Bottle
Icecream Sticks
Chart Paper
Velvet Paper
Glitter Sheets
Satin Ribbon
Egg Crate
Toy Eyes(I get them from old broken toy)
Sketch Pens.

Pen Stand Using Icecream Sticks
1. Paste 20 Icecream Sticks On A Chart Paper(Side by Side – Horizontally)
Make sure you paste half stick on paper n half remain above paper and leave extra paper on one end.
2. Roll it in and paste the extra paper on one end to inside of other end.
3. Give base using a chart paper.
4. Tie the upper end with Satin Ribbon.
5. Cut a butterfly(or any other design) using glitter sheet and paste to decorate.

Pen Stand Using Old Bottle
1. Cut The Bottle In Half.
2. Cut A Frog Using Chart Paper and paste on bottle.
3. Cut and paste feet cutouts in front of bottle.
4. Cut small circle using glitter sheet and paste on cheek.
5. Paste black circles cutout and small eyes on it.
6. Draw feet to make it look perfect.

Snail Using Egg Crate
1. Cut egg crate to get a horizontal line. ( i use green crate)
2. Place glitter sheet cutouts on sides and top to decorate.
3. Cut and paste two stings using glitter sheets.
4. Paste eyes. And snail is ready.

Hanging Fish Using CD
1. Cut fins, tail and mouth using glitter sheets.
2. Paste glitter sheets on CD on respective place
3. Paste fish eye.
4. Paste a loop with satin ribbon to hang it.

Dog With CD
1. Cut face, feet and tail for a dog.
2. Paste them all respective place on CD.
3. Use Sketch pens to make outline and draw face.

Sweet Home Decorative
1. Cut a rectangle piece out of carton(I used amazon carton😜 have loads of them😂)
2. Cover it with velvet paper.
3. Paste a small cutout of chartpaper on it and help “Sweet Home” on it.
4. Cut flower, leaves n heart shapes using glitter sheets and paste to decorate.
5. Cut the corners to make design.

This is what me & my kiddo did in last few days and enjoyed summers in craftly ways😍

I have most of the supplies at home, and all are easily available in any stationary store.. So mommies make most out of rest of the holidays and enjoy few craft activities.

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  1. These are so lovely.. You are an artist.. I am not at all good with craft.. Well hopefully I’ll try out the pen stand to begin with

  2. what an artist you are poet and craft mom and of course a super mom who do everything to keep kid busy in vacations

  3. That’s a lovely way to spent time with kids at home in so hottie summers.loved your makings.. It will definitely helps everyone who wants to make some crafts for their kids… And everything’s are found at home. That’s so lovely.

  4. This is such a creative way to spend vacation time. I too love making little crafts from spare things.

  5. Just started making some crafty things with my son… Looking forward to try and implement some of your ideas!!

  6. A marvellous short poem. I am floored with your creativity Yogita. Love you loads.

  7. Wow! So many creative ideas, I love the CD dog & fish the most!

  8. Amazing and inspiring post. This is the best creative way to spend summers for mommies. Great thoughts.

  9. Such a super fun post! Loved how you described your post with a poetic tone. And these crafts are awesome. I am definitely going to try these out with my son. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  10. Those are some really fun and easy activities to carry out with kids in summer vacation.. Thank u so much for sharing.. Will try them out

  11. Yogita hats off to you…for being so amazingly creative that too along with babies around!! I am inspired to try some of them.out! 🤗🤗

  12. You are such an inspiration dear. Doing these amazingly creative stuff that too with kids. You inspired me to try these out.

  13. All of these came out very beautifully. You both have awesome artistic skills. 🙂

  14. Wowww… you have a craftsman hand.. loved all of them.. it’s really a great idea to keep kids engaged in summers.

  15. Wow that’s an amazing creative ideas…just loved it

  16. Such brilliant ideas Yogita !! Will try these out and tell you they turn out 🙂

  17. Awesome craft .. hope nonu enjoy a lot and enjoy a great time

  18. All these activities look simple and super fun. Will try this with my little one soon.

  19. Lovely craft. I love doing crafts and you have described so neatly everything.. really awesome

  20. These are such lovely crafts dear. yo h had done really great job. being a crafty mom, I too always love to try different craft projects, with my girls. will surly try this.

  21. Summer is a good time to do some relaxing crafts with our kids. My daughter made pen stand few weeks ago.
    Btw loved the way you started your post.

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