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Happy Relationship Mantras


A Connection Among Two or More,
That’s So Special For Sure,
They Laugh And Cry Together,
They Know Each Other Better.

Every Relationship Is Special,
Be It Blood Relation Or Relation Of Heart,
Be It A Friendly Gesture Or Forever To Start
Every Relation Take Efforts,
Together We Can Make It Perfect.

Be Honest Is The Basic Mantra,
Coz Trust Is The Only Success Sutra.
Gaining Each Other’s Trust Is Must,
And Only Way Towards It Is Being Honest.

Be Ready To Compromise,
Relationships Do Ask For Sacrifice,
Its Always About Balance,
And Not About The One Who Wears Pants.
It Can’t Be Your Way Always,
There’s Always Multiple Way,
Choose Them Accordingly, Choose Them Wise,
Sometimes What Strengthens The Relation Is Compromise.

Argue, Its Right,
Bicker To Make Future Bright,
Holding On Something Is Dangerous,
Every Conversation Surely End With A Happy Cheers.
Put Forward Your Point, Don’t Make A Grudge Queue,
For A Healthy Relationship Happily Argue.

Accept Other The Way They Are,
Trying To Change Someone You Love Creates A Scar,
Love The Person, Without Condition,
Don’t Love If You Can’t Accept.

Listen, Every Word Spoken May Have Something Deep Inside,
It’s Important To Be Precise,
They Express What They Are And Make Them Frisson,
You Will Know Them Better, Only If You Listen.

Last But Not The Least,
Express What You Feel,
Show That You Care,
Lets Realize The Bond Is Care,
Assure You Are Always There.

For Every Happy Healthy Relationships,
Tie A Knot Of These Mantra’s
Honesty, Compromise, Conversation,
Acceptance, Listening And Expression,
Are Perfect Relationship Sutra.

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  1. Wow!! Brilliant post! I actually felt like I was reading an Archies poster on my wall! Its so amazing that I will be getting it printed and putting up on my wall. Well done Yogita! Looking forward to reading more such amazing poems from you.

  2. Wow!! This is so lovely. This is a great way of sharing the mantras without loading them without too much Gyan. I liked the simplicity of the language and the rhymes. This made for a good read, Yogita! Keep doing the great work.

  3. Thanks for such great advices #BloggerBabes #OpenNTalk

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