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Mother Sparsh Water Wipes – Review

Being Mommy Aint Easy,
We Care Most For Our Baby,
From Food To Baby Product,
We Search For The Best.

Baby’s Cleanliness Is Our Priority,
It’s First Need For Him To Remain Healthy,
Be He Being A Little Kiddo In Diaper,
Or A Toddler With Colours,
Using Soap & Water Always Is Harsh On Their Soft Skin,
Using Wipes Is Easy Option.

In My Search For Best Wipe,
I Used Many Brand And Swipe,
Finally, I Got The One,
With 100% Plant Fabric & 98% Water,
Natural Care With Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, And Extra Moisture,
The Brand Look Up To Its Name Mother Sparsh


I recently come across Mother Sparsh Water Wipes and loved it. My kiddo is a color lover toddler and he keeps drawing on every possible place including floor😜 and of course himself.🤣 And Mother Sparsh wipes are just awesome and wipes out all colors without using soap and water everytime.

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes is made up of 100% Plant Fabric and 98% Water.


Mother Sparsh understand your concern about baby’s health & hygiene so especially for your baby’s delicate skin, we have designed 98% Water Wipes – as good as pure water & cotton that provide gentle sparsh to your baby hence keeping your baby comfortable, happy & smiling. Mother Sparsh wipes are developed under expert’s supervision and contain quality ingredients that gently cleanse your baby’s supple, soft and delicate skin without causing irritation, uneasiness, allergy, and infection. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are “Proven for Preventing Diaper Rashes”.


Mother Sparsh – Indian Ayurvedic Baby Care Brand
Mother Sparsh is infused with our cultural wisdom i.e Ayurveda. Mother Sparsh’s Amazing Products are enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs making them suitable to be used right from birth.


98% Water Wipes
Mother Sparsh Wipes are, “As good as Pure Water & Cotton”, perfect for maintaining Cleansing & Hygiene of baby’s mild & sensitive skin.

Hypo-allergenic (Non-allergenic)
Mother Sparsh Wipes are Hypo-allergenic (Non-allergenic) so totally safe for baby’s supple, soft and delicate skin.

Suitable from Birth
Nothing beats the purity & serenity of water, Mother Sparsh 98% water wipe the s provide de purest care to your baby without causing any redness, allergy or irritation on your baby skin.

As good as Pure Water & Cotton
Mother Sparsh, 98% Water Wipes are as good as pure water and Cotton, mild and gentle on baby’s skin. It is free from Alcohol & Parabens. Properties like pH balanced, Hypo-allergenic, Extra Moisture, Proven for effectiveness makes it suitable for the baby right from birth. Along with this, Natural Care of Aloe-Vera and Vitamin E makes it perfect for baby’s skin.

Non Allergic and Free from Adversities

Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes are free from all harmful chemicals like Alcohol & Parabens so safe for Newborns (Infants) & Babies. Our wipes are Hypoallergenic (No allergenic), hence safe on baby’s mild & gentle skin.


My Experience With Mother Sparsh Water Wipes –

MotherSparsh Baby Wipes comes in a regular plastic packaging with a stick on, to pull out and protect wipes. It’s a convenient pack to travel with.Mother

Wipes On Me Being a mommy I always use the product myself than use it on the baby. So I used MotherSparsh baby wipes as facial wipes. It feels very soft and gentle on skin and wipes away the dirt from the skin easily.

Wipes On Baby
I love the fact that Mother Sparsh Wipes didn’t irritate my son’s skin. Its quite gentle on skin. I use to clean his face & hands, and quite very happy with the result.

I Highly and Very Strongly Recommend Mother Sparsh Water Wipes. You can buy it at Amazon, Firstcry, Snapdeal and Nykaa.

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  1. These wipes are so good for baby’s tender and sensitive skin

  2. Amazing mother sparsh baby wipes. These baby wipes are best for soft and delicate skin of babies.

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  4. These seem to be great for baby skin. All Moms will be highly benefitted with this elaborate review. Thanks for sharing

  5. you are so artistic ,you give everything words to everything. wipes ingredients so important for baby sensitive skin

  6. seems like a great product, it’ll certainly benefit the moms since it’s soft for a sensitive baby skin.

  7. Loved the little burst of creativity at the outset of this post .Nicely reviewed, clears up all queries !

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