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I Dare You

When ‘What You Do?’ Question Arise,
She Proudly Say, Am A Full Time Mom & Housewife.
Than The Look Of Questioner Change,
And He Exclaim,
Oh, You Do Nothing🤔

And She Started To Think Deep,
24×7, She Is On Her Toes,
Doing Chores As Vows,
Never Leaving Anything Undone,
Still Being Asked,
What She Had Done?

There Is Nothing New In Her Life,
She Never Got A Choice,
Her Words Are Sealed,
And Her Power Of Expression Died.
Her Dreams Vanished
And So Called Responsibilities Arrive.😑

Every One Who Say Being A Women At Home Is Easy,
I Dare Them, Try It Once Baby😎

You Sleep Last But Wake Up Before Everyone,
Preparing Bed-Tea For Others When You Need One,
You Are Always On Your Toes.
Follow The Orders,
Full fill The Demands,
Dont Question Just Follow Commands.

Prepare Breakfast, Pack Lunch,
Dont Forget The Evening Munch,
Dinner Needs To Be The Best,
Oh Remember To Eat At Last.

And Dont Forget To Clad In Six Yards Wonder,
Be Careful, Sarees Can A Big Thing That Bother,
When You Dont Know Manage Saree,
Along With Household Works Unending Spree.
Just Look At Me😊

Trust Me,
What I Said Is Just 5 Percent Of What She Does,
She Is Active 24×7, Without A Fuss.
You Cant Live A Day As Women At Home,
Because She Never Complains When Her Family Comes.
Because Only She Is Capable.


Same ‘What You Do?’ Question Arise,
She Proudly Say, I Work In An MNC
Again The Look Of Questioner Change,
And He Exclaim,
Oh, You Must Be Living A Life Thats Amazing🤔

And Again, She Started To Think Deep,
In The Hustle Bustle Of My Life,
Where Is A Place To Have Fun,
When Nobody Knew Deep Inside,
Why They Comment On My Life.

I Made A Choice To Be Independent,
That Doesnt Mean Towards Life I Am Negligent,
I Too Have A Family To Take Care Off,
I Juggle Between Home And Office Like A Juggling Ball,
Still My Efforts Are Questioned,
You Just Look For Money, For Family – What You Have Done?

Every One Who Say Being A Working Women At Home Is Fun,
I Dare Them, Try It Once Hun😎

Try Being A Working Mom,
Wakeup Before Your Little Does,
Finish All Your Work,
Take Care Of Everyone’s Every Need In Advance,
You Can’t Make Mistakes By Any Chance.

Deadlines At Office And At Home,
You Are Never Left Alone,
You Are Working Day And Night,
Sometimes It Family, Sometimes It Workfile.

You Have No Choice But To Find Balance,
Trust Me Their Are Days When You Dont Have Time For Mirror Glance.
Can You Work From Sunrise To Next Sunrise,
Without Complain.
No You Can’t, Only She Is Capable.

Being A Women Is A Bliss,
Its Something Only She Can Feel,
She Get Tired But Never Say No,
She Wants Something But Shop For You Whereever She Go,
She Let You Fulfil Your Dreams And Keep Hers Aside,
She Feels Gloomy But Do Everything to Make Your Day Bright.
She Sacrifice With Smile, To Make Things For You Right.

For Those Who Really Feel, Being A Women Is Easy,
I Dare Them,
Give It A Try, Than Conclude.

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  1. You wrote beautifully what so many of us fail to express. Being a women is a constant job.

  2. Well played with words to say life of SHE, as a stay at home person or one in corporate life. Begin woman is special though never easy. Good one Yogita!

  3. My poet friend describe so well about women. Women are special does everything but still she has hear a lot. It’s not like easy to be a women

  4. Veryyy beautifulllyyy writteennnn!!!each n evert word is true and apt….powers to u

  5. Well written Yogita!!! 🙂

    The choice of words and the account of both a working and a stay at home mom is fabulous

  6. Lovely this is yogita! You rhymed our lives so well!

  7. Well written Yogita!!! 🙂

    The choice of words and the account of both a working and a stay at home mom is fabulous

  8. Indeed being women is tough wearing so many hats at one time rightly put in an poetic format

  9. Well written Yogita.. I loved how you spoke for both Working and stay at home moms. I can personally see the world changing their perspective towards women, however there still are many women who are questioned.

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