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Rhyming To Create Awareness On World Mestural Hygiene Day. #NoMoreLimits

All Of A Sudden,
She Felt Some Flowing Sensation On Her Leg,
Oh The Weather Is Not Too Hot To Sweat,
She Was Confused And Cant Understand,
When She Realised Its Red,
Full Of Fear And Eyes Filled Tears,
She Rush To The Washroom To Check,
Her Mind Is Still Thinking, Is This A Lesion,
Oh I Forgot To Tell, She Was Just Eleven.
She Just Entered A New Phase In Her Life,
But She Has No Idea What It Is And Why.

Why The Sudden Change Came As A Surprise?
Why She Wasnt Ready Even When It Was Her Age, Her Time?
Why She Was In A State Of Shock?

There Was No One To Talk.


She Is Isolated,
Thrown To A Corner Of House,
Her Utensils Got Separated,
She Is Not Touched,
In Five Days You Make Her Feel Disgusting,
But Thats Part Of Her Living.

They Say, She Cant Enter The Worship Place,
Or The Kitchen,
With Her Touch Food Will Be Rotten,
Oh Girl, Dont Water The Plants, Dont Sleep On Bed,
Just Because You Are Flowing Red.

The Talks Are Uncomfortable,
The Blood Flowing Is Impure,
The Girl Is Filthy,
And Even Cursed.

Trust Me, The Condition Is Even Worse,
Its Not Her, Its You,
She Is Just Herself, Its You -Thinking Dirty.

What A Contradictory Life We Live,
Where Everyone Says Motherhood Completes A Women,
But When Same Women Bleed, It Considered Bad Omen.

Its Just Her Body Cycle,
Not A Curse,
She Need Your Support,
She Go Through Worse.

The Uncomfortable Cramps,
The Uneasiness Felt,
Still Doing Her Daily Chores,
Why You Want To Trouble Her More.

From Rest To Restrictions,
We Degrade,
These Taboos Are Made.

This World Mestrual Hygiene Day,
Break The Taboos And Understand.
She Need Rest Not Restrictions,
She Need Open Talk Freedom.

Make A Girl Aware,
Before She Mensurate,
Make A Girl Free,
She Shouldnt Hesitate.

Educate Her About The Hygiene Needed,
Let Her Upgrade,
From Dirty Clothes To Sanitary Pads,
From Pads To Menstrual Cups.

Let Her Know The Importance Of Hygiene,
And How To Maintain,
Firstly, Talking About It Is Main.
Let Her Choose, Her Method Of Sanitation,
Make It Easy For Her To Buy without Hesitation.
Guide Her To Clean Regularly,
To Avoid Any Kind Of Infection.

Changing Regularly Is Important,
And Disposing Properly Is Must,
Clean Yourself Regularly Before Every Change,
To Avoid Bad Odour That Irritate.
Use One Method Of Sanitation At One Time,
Make Sure Pad Rashes Dont Arrive.

Mensuration Is Not A Taboo,
Its Just A Body Process,
Its A Cycle Her Body Follow,
With Her Everyone Else Should Accept The Flow.

This Menstrual Hygiene Day,
Break The Taboo.
Let Her Rest, Dont Restrict.
Make Her Feel Better With Your Support.

This World Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28), our endeavor is to break the taboo that engulfs this natural phenomenon that is the basis of very existence of human life on earth.

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  1. In India specifically menstruation is such a Taboo. N it’s alarming to see that it’s even prevalent in the so called educated society. Great that u wrote on this, n wonderful poem.

  2. Beautiful poem. Everyone should read it.

  3. wow..too good dear. I am just speechless after reading it. You are so talented. Through your poetic approach, you have shown us the real picture of this society.

  4. woow dear , you are born artist. poetry seems to flow in your blood. this is women great truth and fact what she has to face every month

  5. Correct. There should be no limits. One should be proud of being a women

  6. This is a very nicely written poem. Loved how you have expressed everything through rhyming

  7. Amazing and informative post. Beautifully expressed thoughts. Great poem.

  8. Oh MY God! Yogita. You are one talented girl. I mean you have so beautifully captured the entire gist of a girls life when it comes to periods, and that too in its entirety. Loved e every word of it.

  9. Wow this is lovely I think this is by far the most creative post I have seen in the blog train

  10. So well written. I completely agree it’s not her it’s the people who think negatively. Menstruation is the phenomenon tht if dint occur the world will not run

  11. Amazingly written dear…. Each and every word is for a girl and how she thinks and react.

  12. What a beautiful way to tell the story of a girl and her periods. Well written and passes the message loud and clear.

  13. Wow, I am sure your powerful words would impact a few people atleast. And they live learn not to discriminate on the basis of periods. Lovely read.

  14. Hi Yogita… I loved your post… you have summed up the entire issue so poetically and effortlessly… more power to you!

  15. Gгeat web site yoս have got here.. It’s diifficult to find high
    գualіty writing liike yours these ԁays. I honestly appreciate indiviuals like уou!
    Take care!!

  16. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really useful & it helped
    me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you helped me.

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