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#FirstTimeMom – Blessed Feeling

Being A Mommy is Always A Bliss,
Those Little Cheeks And Softest kiss,
From Two Pinks Lines,
To Two Little Feet & Ten Little Toes,
After His Arrival Life Is New Wherever It Goes.

Entering motherhood is indeed the best thing happened with me ever. I still remember, it wasn’t planned but the sudden surprise changed our life. I was going through bad health phase and always felt weird taste, my hubby says it because of bad health and kept saying it will be fine soon. One day when he was in office I seek help from google to get solution for bitter taste am facing and stumbled upon an article that says bitter taste buds can be the indication of little ones arrival. I was surprised but wasn’t sure and then I discussed this with my hubby and we decided to take test at home first.

Confused, clueless, surprised us, brought the test kit and those pink lines confirmed the news. From confused to happy, Clueless to confident we started our journey of being pregnant. On pregnancy brings 9 months of wait happy wait.

Ever since he is born, I always awaited his firsts and they are indeed special. Being a #FirstTimeMom was full of surprise moments as I wasn’t aware of anything. I remember desperately waiting for him roll or turn but my playful kiddo is always on his back or tummy and never made an effort to turn and done everything else.

So my sons firsts are in pretty random order and very funny. He gave the first giggle when he was just 2 months and that giggle took my heart away. I still remember I was singing a lullaby to him and he suddenly giggle.

I waited for him to turn but at 5 months, he just tried to sit on his on and never turned or rolled.

Again I waited for him to crawl but my little one declined doing that too, he loved sitting and playing around. And suddenly at age of 9 months he decided to hold the stuff, stand and walk. And when he roamed around holding the stuff, he finally started crawling too.

My son’s firsts are pretty special and surprising as when we awaits one thing to happen, he surprised us with something not expected.

My experience with #FirstWaterWipes By Mother Sparsh. Every mom need water wipes as a saviour and it helps in managing cleanliness of babies. My son has a very sensitive skin and anything little harsh on his skin give him redness, puffiness and rashes. Mother Sparsh wipes contain 98% water and is made of plant-based viscose fabric. Mother Sparsh wipes are as good as cotton and water that’s makes it very gentle and mild on baby’s skin and is clinically proven that these wipes prevent diaper rashes. It surely helps in managing hygiene. Mother Sparsh Wipes are Non-allergenic and totally safe for baby’s soft and delicate skin. It is free from Alcohol & Parabens. It is suitable for the baby right from birth as it has properties like pH balanced, hypo-allergenic, extra moisture, proven for effectiveness and natural care of Aloe-Vera and Vitamin E makes it perfect for baby’s skin.

Get Mother Sparsh Wipes To Give Gentle Sparsh To Your Baby And Keep Your Baby Comfortable, Happy And Smiling.

Disclaimer : This Post is sponsored by Mother Sparsh But View Are Completely Personal

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  1. No doubt about it that Mother Sparsh is the best trustable brand and I always use their wipes for my kids

  2. I had heard a lot about “Mothersparsh brand” and after reading your post I felt that it is really a gentle and ideal for delicate skin of babies. I love the fact that it is free from chemicals and dermatologically tested. thanks for sharing detailed info.

  3. The feeling of first time mom is indeed special , it is the most precious memory. And Mother sparsh wipes are indeed great to use .

  4. Every kid has a mind of his own when it comes to achieving milestones. I remember my kid started walking pretty early but spoke late.

  5. Being a mother is a unique pleasant feeling. Children running down to you in your arms is the best ever feeling of life! I too love Mother Sparsh wipes. They are trust worthy when it comes to my kid’s care

  6. I saw the happiness on my sister’s face when she became mom for the first time. So I can understand the feeling and yes I agree every parent search for best in everything for a child and mother sparsh wipes looks clearly the best for the child.

  7. Firstly i want to share that your post got me nostalgic.
    I have used these wipes too and I’m glad that it is really soft on a baby’s skin.

  8. It is lovely reading first time mom tales. So sweet and emotional. Mother sparsh wipes are really nice, every mom have given rave reviews.
    Loved the poem.

  9. What a beautiful post lovely. Mother sparsh wipes sound like most gentle and pure wipes available in the market. I will suggest it to my pregnant sister .

  10. The feeling of being a mother for the first time is the best feeling ever. You can never understand until you become a mother

  11. Mother Sparsh baby wipes sounds safe and effective for baby skincare regime. Love that it’s hypoallergenic and made from natural ingredients

  12. I absolutely loved reading this blog! Mother Sparsh wipes are a regular feature in our house!

  13. I have heard so much good about Mothersparsh wipes and I really liked the fact that these are 98% water and the free from harmful chemicals. I am going to order these wipes for our next stock.

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