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10 Wardrobes Must-Haves for a Working Girl

I have a very simple mantra for selecting my formal wear; pick something that I can project confidence in. My wardrobe is full of all those must-haves that can make me feel comfortable in my own skin and I feel that all the working girls must do the same. Having said that, you will still need a few fashion hacks in your wardrobe which is why, I have compiled a list of must-haves for your wardrobe, scroll below and check out the list yourself.

Crisp White Tee: Nothing greets those casual Fridays(or in some cases casual Saturdays) better than a semi-casual plain & crisp white tee. You can just top it up with a linen faded jacket!

A Well-made Blazer: A good blazer is kind of a must in every working girl’s wardrobe. When you are able to pull off a well-made blazer, people will know that you mean business, without you having to utter even a word! Blazer is more like a powerful armor that you wrap around yourself!

Tote Bag: Tote bags (I would like to call it a magic bag!) are multi-functional bags because you can use them in professional set-up as well as on casual weekends. I would suggest you to go for either classic black tote bag or some royal color like mulberry or plum.

Professional Dress: There are times when you need to show your elegant and sophisticated side (let us say just before important meetings!) and those are the times when you will want to dress up in a comfortable professional dress. Just a tip: ensure you are wearing a thick & rich fabric. You can check out a great collection of professional dresses at Ajio online fashion store.

Black Pumps: Right from office to parties, these pumps will suit in almost all the situations of your life! Just do not overdo the heels part and try to keep it at 3 inches height! You can pick any shoe material that is up to you, till you are confident enough that you will be able to pull it off!

Salwar Suit: I might sound biased here but I do like Indian formals; they are graceful, comfortable, and super easy to carry. In fact, a good Salwar Suit comes very handy on all those ‘ethnic wear days’ celebrated in office. Ajio is one of the best places to shop online, here you can find all the latest fashion products for men & women alike. If you are planning to buy the fashion stuff from ajio, use coupon code to avail the extra discount on your purchase and enjoy the saving.

Pencil Skirt: Knee length pencil skirts are go-to bottom wear for a working female. You can top it up with a formal shirt, or even wear a woolen top with the skirt. In fact, a formal blazer and a pencil skirt make one of the best formal-wear pairs for a working female. If you are a skinny woman then you can probably go for a tight fit pencil skirt and if you are pear shaped then you should probably go for a longer pencil skirt.

White Formal Shirt: You should probably keep 2-3 white shirts in your wardrobe. They come very handy at times when you do not have time to decide what you want to wear to work! Just pair them up with a formal pant and you are good to go!

Knit Sweater: Minimalistic knit sweater is something that never goes out of fashion! On those winter days, when you just have to be in office (but don’t want to!), you can just get into a comfy knit sweater and head out to do your job. See more ideas about fashion here.

Black Pants: Well, the list would never be really complete if there is no mentioning of a good pair of black pants. You can top it up with a good sweater, a formal blouse, or just tug in a formal shirt and you are all dressed to take onto the world!.

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