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eKavach – Suraksha Kavach For Our Lil Ones

In Today’s Era, Gadgets & Internet are surely an inseparable part of our lives. Either its doing official work, replying to official mails or just passing time over lots of social networks we are connected to, we always have mobiles in hand no matter what we do or where we are. It’s not wrong to say ‘Gadgets which are being made to give us ease in doing tasks made us their slaves.
Sad But True, We Are Gadgets Freak/Tech Slaves.
Being a Mother, when I think of my son being gadget freak I never get surprised because my experience with my two year old son made me realize and I can say kids these days are born with Gadgets.
But when I come across some unwanted stuff while browsing my things, my conscience get triggered and I question myself-
What if my little come across all this?
What if the little mind can’t be able to distinguish between right or wrong?
Though Am here to guide him the correct path, but what if he come across all this when am not around?
And I felt so disturb and helpless when I think –
How to save my little munchkin from all this?
How to keep track, if my little love is not getting a wrong direction?
What if, someone is just misguiding him when am not around?
What if, all this just overtake the innocent mind of my little heart?
With all these questions in my mind, I asked help from most trusted solution store Google. And first thing I came across was eKavach Parental Control App. Before installing I wanted to know much more about it and I go through eKavach website and found it quite impressive and decided lets have it before it too late.
Being A Mommy, I know whatever I go through every Mommy/Daddy go through the same. So, for all Beautiful Mommies & Handsome Daddies let me introduce to our Suraksha Kavach- eKavach.
What Is ekavach?
ekavach is India’s First Digital Parenting Application. With so many threats in today’s digital era like internet addiction, pronography, cyber bullying, application like ekavach is a blessing to concern parents like us. It help us safeguard our little ones against illness over internet.
Still confused how this awesome application help watch the video 🙂
What eKavach Does?
eKavach comes with many features to help us protecting our little munchkins from internet threats.
Facilates parents to set definition of child’s internet.
Using ekavach parent can set definition for child’s internet usage. We can set restrictions on which internet categories child should use or not. It always us to filter, which category our child should visit and if they try to visit any restricted category ekavach notify us via SMS.
Keeps Record Of Our Munchkins Internet Usage.
eKavach keeps record of our little ones internet usage. Internet Dashboard feature provide us the information about our little ones internet usage. With history of last 7days. It also provide us details about categories served, URL accessed and which stuff is allowed or blocked by you.
Facilates us to select applications they should use.
ekavach gives us rights to select applications we think are useful for our little ones and restrict others.
Keeps record of applications on child’s device.
Another useful feature of eKavach is Application Dashboard which keeps record of applications they installed or deleted and categorize them according to allowed or blocked.
Send Real Time Notifications To Parents.
Sometimes little curious minds do what they are not supposed to, may be by their own choice or as a result of some misleading source. At that moment, we the parent recieve alerts and SMS.
Facilates us to set and keep track of internet usage timings.
eKavach gives us rights to set the time duration for their internet access and also keep record of internet usage timings. So that we can restrict over usage as overdose of anything is harmful.
Facilates us to enjoy precious family time.
With eKavach we can define our time together from our busy schedules when we can just leave our gadget boss aside and spend some quality time together.
Facilates us to track our little munchkins Geo Location
A relief to super caring and possessive mom’s like me Device Heartbeat Monitoring keeps an eye on child’s Geo Location and allow us to get their location when they are not a round.
Facilates our Munchkins to send emergency SOS, if needed.
Our little Ones can send us an emergency SOS notification with there Geo Location if there is an emergency. So that we can reach them or send help asap. It can’t be much better than this.
With so many amazing features, ekavach is surely a boon in today’s digital era. It ensure safety of our children and satisfies our concerned hearts in every way.
If you find it quite convincing too, you can easily download it from Google PlayStore and start safeguarding your little munchkins right away.
So Beautiful Mommies & Handsome Daddies reading my experience with ekavach – India’s First Digital Parenting Application.
I’m An eKavach Parent, join in and provide your children much needed Suraksha Kavach.
Happy Parenting 🙂

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