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#SacchiAdvice – Never Loose Confidence Whatever Is The Situation

On one of the very important day of her life, she woke up to the city drenched with downpour. She don’t want to step out of her house but have no choice. It was a big day for her. With a few missed opportunities, it was her biggest opportunity. She had cleared her written exam for her dream MNC and she had her interview scheduled today.

While sipping her cup of coffee, she was planning her day with still continuing downpour. She just can’t miss the opportunity but travelling by bus for such a long distance, she was very afraid.
First choice she has to made was clothes. For a monsoon drenched day she decided to wear Short Kurti paired with leggings & scraf with strapped rainproof sandels.
She packed her documents in a waterproof folder and get ready quickly, because she knows she’ll get heavy traffic jam due to rains. And she can’t afford to be late. She just rushed with her umbrella on to bus stand and boarded the bus without getting drenched, the only best thing for today was she has direct bus connectivity to her destination.
And after a long journey in traffic jam, she reached her destination. Just few steps before her destination she slipped on footpath being slippery because of rain, which left her all shocked. She don’t have time to go back and change and now her condition is not like entering the organization.
A few people gathered, help her to stand and made her comfortable at bus stand. While the rush of people left, she just brust out with tears.
While an elderly lady comes and sat by her side.
Hold her hand and Asked, What happened my child?
She said, I have my interview scheduled in half hour, an am all drenched n muddy now. She cried.
The elderly lady replied, Look my child, rain can drench you and your clothes but don’t let rain to drench your confidence and trust you have on yourself.
She felt confident again and replied Thanks to the lady.

She get up, entered the organization, went straight to washroom cleaned herself and went for the interview and her upteemth confidence her get selected.
With immense happiness she returned home with offer letter in her hands. While she was recalling whole incident, she realized the elderly lady she met at that moment gave her the very useful #SacchiAdvice for her entire life. She realized, the elderly lady talked according to her scenario but wanted to say Whatever the condition is never loose your confidence and trust on yourself.
She tied knot of lady’s advice and started following her in every situation of her life.
Weird Situations Without Solution,
Always Leaves Us Dishearten,
When We Are I’m Life’s Biggest Dilemma,
When We Loose Our Confidence & Charm,
At That Point A #SacchiAdvice Can Change Your Life,
And Make You Achieve What You Always Strive.


The girl out for interview was Me. Yes it’s my personal experience and the lady I meant that day, I owe every success of my life to her. I never met her again but her advice is with me in every step of my life.
Dear Aunty, Whoever you are and whereever you are, I Wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I always owe my every success to you 🙂
I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association withBlogAdda.”

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