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Love And Laughter

Love And Laughter Are Like Two Ends Of A Strand,
Together They Form Beautiful Relation Garland,
To Love Is To Share Beautiful Laugh,
To Laugh Is To Love Your Silly Half,
Beauty Of Relation Lies In Laughter We Loved,
And Love We Laughed..
My Life Is About Love, Laughter Together,
And Is Always Getting Best And Better.
Reasons To Laugh Became Reasons To Love,
Reasons To Love, Give More Reasons To Laugh,
It’s All About Love, Laughter And My Perfect Half..
Fallen In Love With Him Every Now And Then,
Gosh, I Cant Stop Falling For Him Again And Again,
LoveAndLaughter Moments Are Never-ending,
That’s The Essence Of Our Strong Standings…
My or more precisely Ours LoveAndLaughter moments started the day we met first time.
What A Day It was..
Arrange Marriage Meet..
Formal Greets..
Parents By Side..
Uneasy Smiles..
Loads Of Thought..
And What Not..
Confident He, Afraid Me..
His Unending Rejection, My First Formal Meet..
At First Glance,
He Find Me Arrogant, So Do I.
The Moment Arrive,
We Were Told To Talk And Decide,
How Uneasy Moment That Was,
And We Are Supposed To Talk..
Was The Moment When He Feels My Uneasiness,
And He Start The Talks, To Ease Me And Not To Impress.
Question Answer Round Started,
Seriously, I Was Out Of My Senses,
Interviews At MNC’s Are Also Not That Tough,
And Worst Part Arrive When You Are Supposed To Ask Questions Than To Answer..
M I Supposed To Ask Something,
Mum Forget To Inform Me Such Important Thing,
My Mind Got Blank, And Mouth Seize,
That Was The Moment I Freeze..
Breaking My Silence, He Shoot Question,
Serious He, Asked Do You Smoke Or Drink?
And I Was Like Whatttttt..
When He Broke Into Loud Laugh,
And Said, You Are Free To Ask Such Question.. 
When I Am Tensed, He Wanted Me To Calm,
When I Was Silent,  He Wanted To Make Me Laugh..
I Laughed With Him Loudly,
And Answered His Question  With A No Proudly.
I Realised We Had Our First LoveAndLaughter Moment,
And His Unending Rejections Comes To An End.
Four Years Back,
We Met,
We Talked,
We Shared A Laugh..
Four Years Back,
Just 15 Minutes,
Of Mixed Emotions,
An Unknown Love,
Bloom In Our Heart..
Four Years Back,
We Had Our First
LoveAndLaughter Moment,
Tagged To Be Continued,
“This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane.”

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