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Divine Experience In Dazzling Vicinity Of Haridwar

Beautiful vicinity of holy city Haridwar is always mesmerising and this time it was more special. On the auspicious occasion of Ardh Kumbh, and it’s Shahi Snan (Holy Bath) on Basant Panchmi.

Haridwar always have something special. I feel so much divinity there which I simply can’t explain. The flow of River Ganga feels like a melodious musical saga.

The beauty of River Ganga And Haridwar is at its best during evenings. Beautiful lights, beautifully embrace the Ambience.  And the beauty was so divine that u simply can’t stop yourself from falling in love with everything there.

Beautiful River Ganga

Bridge Over River Ganga Decorate As Bow And Arrow 

Har Ki Pauri

Clock Tower

Every site was so mesmerising that I can’t forget it. The Holy river Ganga, showered with beautiful lights all around feels like blessing from almighty.

Panorama View Of Beautiful River Ganga

The whole experience of visiting holy city at such an holy occasion is divine 🙂

On The Banks Of River Ganga, 
You Feel Enchanted With Every Glance, 
Melodious Flow Is A Beautiful Musical Saga, 
Mesmerising Views Are Part Of Some Eternal Raga. 
Magical Divinity Flow With Air, 
Peace You Will Found Nowhere, 
From Heart To Soul, 
You Will Find Awesomeness In All. 
Holy Bath Refresh You To The Core, 
You Can’t Ask for Anything More. 
Its Divine, It’s Enchanting,  It’s Just Wow, 
Visit Once And Relish Forever And Now. 

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