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Website Review : Velvetcase.com

We women’s are simply crazy about shopping and am sure no one can deny this. And when it comes to shop expensive metals our craziness doubles.
Silver, Gold Or Platinum..
Gemstones or diamonds..
Be It Jewellery or in form of coins or bars..
We can’t get enough of it ever..
These are surely we women’s first love..
Online shopping is the biggest trends these days and we loved it and cherish our shopping moments online to save time in our busy schedule.
But can we buy Jewellery or any form of gold and silver online?
Will it be authentic?
How will I decide without wearing?
Gosh,  am in love with that particular design, Want exactly the same, is it possible online?
Finally I got my answer ‘YES’ with Velvetcase
Velvetcase brings 200 jewellery brands together.  Yup girlies you read right – 200.
With all latest trends under one roof they prove to be the best.
You can find designs to die for and designs u love to wear and flaunt always.
Latest trends and special deal of the week will make your shopping experience awesome.
From every kind of jewellery to silver/gold coins/bars to silver decoratives or divinities.  They have it all.
Just select type of jewellery you want and you will find numerous beautifully carved options to delight you.
If with so many options you love, it’s getting difficult to buy what you love the most. Velvetcase.com provide with free home jewellery trials to help you decide what you want.
What more we can ask for.. 🙂
If it ever happened to you that a particular design you saw somewhere just made you fall in love with it but you are not able to find it anywhere?
Again Velvetcase.com have a solution for it to..  Yippie..
You can Design Your Own Jewellery now with velvetcase.com.
Isn’t it amazingly awesome? I know it is.  🙂
Now the concern with authenticity.
Before buying any jewellery piece even I wanted to confirm the authenticity and every details about it.
I recently bought a beautiful Silver Note from velvetcase.com. It was mentioned on site that it’s a 25gm silver note with 999KT purity and dimensions 2.5inchX1.25inch.
The silver note I recieved is exact replica of what I saw. Every single detailing was so perfect. And size and dimensions are exact.
Out of my curiosity I went to a goldsmith near me and get it weighed,  it was exactly 25gms and with 999KT purity.
With Velvetcase my online shopping dilemma for Jewellery is shorted.
Now I know my shopping destination when it’s time to shop precious jewellery.
So beautiful girlies and guys with beautiful girls in life, Checkout the velvetcase.com and get what you want.
Time to buy some jewellery. Happy Shopping 🙂 

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