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Yummy Recipe By Mummy – HomeMade Ghee

Being a foodie by heart and soul, I know I simply can’t do without Ghee in various cuisines I make.

For tadka in daal,  core ingredient in desserts or a new taste in roti’s. Me and my family just can’t do without ghee. 
And I guess it’s the story of every Indian family. I can’t imagine an Indian kitchen without a jar full of ghee. 
HomeMade Ghee is my preference always as its made by me, so for me its more hygienic, healthy and surely the yummiest. And making it needs not much ingredients but plenty of time and patience.

HomeMade Ghee 
HomeMade Ghee


Malai/Milk Cream : Collected in a time of 1week or 15days.

Malai collected in one week (1 litre Amul Full Cream Milk each day) 
1. Take all collected malai. 
2. Add all malai to the blender jar.  
3. Add 3-4 cubes of ice and blend until white butter/makhan separates. 
P. S.  Its a long process can take upto 15-20minutes so be patient
4. Take out the butter.

White Butter

P. S.  If you have parantha lovers in family this white butter is the yummiest combination ever. 

5. Add butter in pan and cook in low flame with continous stirring. 
6. After a process of 15 or more minutes and you will find ghee and residue separates.

Ghee 🙂 
7. Turn off the burner when residue start turning brown and let it cool. 
8. Filter using a muslin cloth. 

Yummy HomeMade Ghee is ready to enhance your food taste. 

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