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Jungle Book From My Memories

With my
favourite The Jungle Book coming back to me, am getting nostalgic thinking
about my childhood mate, I use to meet every Sunday morning. Mowgli, Baloo,
Bhagheera and Sherkhan are surely an inseparable part of my childhood and
childhood memories. I remember how I wanted Mowgli to come in my life and take
me to the adventurous jungle life with him
There was a time when Sunday
mornings were all about watching Jungle Book and re reading the classic of
Rudyard Kipling.
My love for Jungle Book started
with the very first day of telecast. I still remember my childhood when we all
friends roam around the street in chaddi’s and singing loudly “Jungle Jungle
Baat Chali Hai Pata Chala Hai, Chaddi Pehan Ke Phool Khila Hai.”
Musical saga from my childhood is
still the best raga I have heard.
From my childhood, jungles, animals
always caught my attention like every child and that’s the reason I always
loved my friend Mowgli and trust me my love for him is unending.
With Jungle Book Again Knocking At
My Door,
My Heart Beats Much More.
Childhood Memories Flashed Back,
All Moments Come Out From Treasure
Saturday Evening Goes With Mowgli
Saturday Nights Was Next Day
Sunday Mornings Are Always Special,
Just Because Of My Jungle Book
Friends Arrival.
A Cute Boy In His Chaddi,
Is Surely My Chaddi Buddies.
Mowgli, A Synonym Of Carefree
Bhagheera The Panther, Loved
Mowgli The Most.
He Is The
One After His Survival,
Wolves Bringing Up Mowli,
Shows Love And Passion.
Baloo The
Bear Is His Best Friend And Bestest Teacher,
His Witty
Style And Bad Jokes,
Were The Reasons Of Our Nonstop Laughs.
Sherkhan Always Aims At Mowgli Like
A Hunter,
But Loved
As Much As Other Character.
He Was A Teacher,
Who With His Wicked Efforts,
Teach Mowgli How To Fight Against Superpowers.
Every Day Is Just Not
It’s Full Of Learning And
Inspired Us,
From Top
To Toe,
From Facing Difficulties,
To Overcome Fears.

He Taught Us The Real Meaning,
Of What Relationship Is,
He Tell Us,
How Strong Bonding’s Can Be.

With Mowgli and his Jungle Friends coming
back to meet us, Am loving the fact that we are going to meet him again but
also the mommy in me is happy because my son will have something in common with
my childhood, The Jungle Book.
I’m blogging about #MyMowgliMemory at BlogAdda.

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