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Book Review : The Story Of A Suicide By Sriram Ayer

Pic Courtsey : www.storyofasuicide.com

The Story Of A Suicide

Author : Sriram Ayer
Subject : Social
Illustrations : Ghana

Book’s Epigram : The Story Of A Suicide is a story that moves around four main characters :
Hari : A boy from Bengaluru, who is loved immensely by his father, mother and elder sister.
Sam : A boy from a very rich family. He is a tech geek.
Mani : A very bright boy from a small town, with a childhood full of struggle.
Charu : A strong, confident and feminist girl.

And the story move around four emotions : Friendship, Love, Betrayal And Revenge.

With some initial introductory plot about Sam and Hari. The Story leads to KIT, Madras. Where the story starts with one’s failed attempt to commit suicide and ends at other suicidal attempt leading to his death.

Sam is attracted towards Charu’s beauty, which leads to a new blooming love story between them. Charu is completely unpredictable girl, her mood and mind changes in a jiffy. Though she liked Sam but hated him being over possessive for her.
Pic Courtsey : www.storyofasuicide.com
One day, out of anger from Sam’s over possessive behaviour, Charu ignored him and finally told he is with Alex (Faculty in their college). And this one incident change Sam’s emotion towards her. He felt betrayed and wanted a revenge.

Pic Courtsey : www.storyofasuicide.com
On the parallel end, runs the story of Hari and Mani, who felt they do have something in common and start sharing an unknown bond without knowing what it is. They felt secure together and can express themselves easily to each other.

Mani was the first person, Hari felt secured with and shares her childhood dirty dilemma of being abused by his uncle. Lately both of them agreed, that they are Homosexual or Gay and share a beautiful love story full of assurance, togetherness, promises and a bit of jealousy.
Pic Courtsey : www.storyofasuicide.com
From betrayal, Sam’s emotions change to an urge of taking revenge. Being a tech geek, he invented a software named “Jarvis” and installed it to Charu’s mobile phone as a trozen which let Sam see everything in Charu’s phone and even use the phone’s camera & microphone and take peace out of her life. To catch the culprit Charu asked help of everyone.

Alex with a help of a friend who has worked against cyber crime many times, help Charu to catch the culprit. When they found it difficult, they throw a trap for the culprit.

And here story takes its last but most painful turn, where Sam apply an algorithm to the software so that everything recorded from Charu’s mobile camera, automatically get viral. Charu out of frustration leave her gadgets in Mani’s room where Mani and Hari had some personal moments later on and it get viral like fire in jungle.

Hari’s father, called him, asked about the video and when he announced to him that he is a Gay, get offended and cursed him. Viral video,  depressing words from his father and a fight with Mani broke him to the core.

And Hari Ended His Life.

Pic Courtsey : www.storyofasuicide.com

My Critique : The book start with note:

“Dear World, I am going to die. I am leaving. I am tired of fighting. I am tired of struggling to survive. I have finally made a choice today. Yes, I give up.”

Few words, that touch your soul every time you hear or read them and make you feel helpless and fill you with number of unanswered questions. And to get your answers , you are just glued to the book.

The book is an awesome read, consisting of 31 soul-stirring chapters, each unfolding something new. Few dream sequences especially Charu’s weird dream though written exceptionally well somehow disconnects from the core story of the book.

Author bring forward a social issue in a very unique way with effective writing and marks a strong message. His way of writing is really captivating. Suicide is very sensitive topic and author has bring up with a strong and impressive way. He strongly conveyed, a suicidal attempt is more because of pressure by society than the situation. And I strongly agree with him.

Illustrations : Every chapter comes with perfect illustrations by Ghana which precisely describe the core of each chapter.

Rating : 4.5/5

Book is available online here  or you can listen to audio book too.

(P. S. Chapter 18 audiobook, narrates chapter 17 so you have to read it. Hope it get corrected soon)

A strong overview about the video is depicted well in this video. 

How I Relate With The Book :
Burden of fulfilling the expectations of others, be it your family or society and The fear of society that leads to hiding bitter experiences in life are two facts I feel 9 out of every 10 girls in India can relate to. Do this, wear that, learn household and study hard. Females in India are burdened with expectations and instructions in their life which surely leads to moments when she feel lack of her own identity and this always brings fear to express herself in her. 

Hari was so overburdened with his family’s expectations that his loving father denied to accept his identity which broke him and leads to his suicide.

Being a women, I relate to burden of expectations Hari felt in his life.

My Mantra To Deal With Life :

Life is beautiful, the way it come,
Moments are many, happy, sad, weird and troublesome.
Love yourself – for what you are,
Don’t change – even for those who say they care,
Tough situation – are life’s way to test your strength,
Fight back – and rise high like sun with a bang.
Be strong – when you face a hard situation,
Always remember – ending life is not a solution.
No one – can help you better than yourself,
When tired of fighting – shut down your heart and seek your minds help.
Be who you are – no matter what is the situation
Mind it – every problem comes up with a solution.
Shut your ears – when ever in trouble,
Every mouth – discourage with their numerous babbles
Be focused – on finding a solution,
I will remain strong – make it a resolution.

Keep in mind, Tie a knot,

Problems gets afraid, when you are not.
Your life is your most precious possession,
Make it your first and last obsession,
No matter what life brings,
Always remember all beautiful springs.
Even Stars fall but they are still countless
Flowers die but gardener never cry.
Every sunset is always followed by a sunrise,
Every darkest corner have a small hole which shines.

Be prepared for a few odds in life,

Because you have less tears and more smiles.
There will be few moments of pain,
But your journey continues to miles.
Be strong, wear a smile,
You are a fighter, give life a fight.
You will win and that’s for sure,
Just don’t give up in the difficult course.

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