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Unleash Your Child Imagination With #ColgateMagicalStories

Stories and growing up goes hand in hand. In my childhood, I am always in my imaginary world weaving stories about everything others can’t even think of. 

So is my little love these days. At an age of 2.5years, he is a big story lover and spend every night with us (me and his dad) listening story one day and narrating same story again and again for next few days until he get bored.

Being a construction vehicles lover, his stories was always around crane, excavator, dump truck, tow truck and many more until four new colgate strong teeth packs with interesting sea creature and a trivia inside them arrived my place.

He being too small to handle scissors, I cut and collected all the pictures inside the pack and started making him familiar with the creatures and trivia. Thanks to his growing age, always increasing knowledge bank and his love to watch National Geographic with his Dad, he quickly related with all kind of fishes shown, enjoyed the castle and deep sea and discarded the pirate saying “Darta Hai” means he is afraid of that pirate.

At bedtime, his story session begin again but this time he insisted to listen stories about sea, fishes and castles. With little images and related trivia pics a new storytelling session started which made my son familiar with pirates too.

And a story created by me and my hubby is beautifully reframed into a new story by my little love with his sometime confused sentences. His memory and beautiful imagination left us flabbergasted and made us feel proud.

My little loves narration :

Once a group of Pirates are on their unending journey in sea. A pirate couple of leads the group. Their instructions are followed by everyone on the ship even the parrot never overruled their instructions.

While flying high in the sky, parrot saw something on the land of nearby island, he seeked permission from the leaders to get what he saw.

Parrot came back with a rolled paper held tight in his claws and handle it to the master of the ship. He carefully opened it and found that it’s a map to some old treasure dumped in the sea. And he carved to get the treasure. After a fierce discussion on ship with the group and his beautiful wife, he decided to jump into the sea and check for the treasure himself. After sailing for few miles, their ship reach the location where according to the map, the treasure is dumped deep in the sea. 

He was awestruck with the beauty of sea. Beautiful corals and creatures were catching his attention. He has never seen the inner beauty of sea, he sails always. He was surprised seeing so many different fishes he never saw before and was enjoying the beauty of the world inside the sea.

Than he saw a beautiful castle inside the sea. He was amazed with the beautiful castle and swim towards the castle. A beautiful mermaid was playing with her playmates a shiny starfish, an energetic turtle and a beautiful puffy fish playing with water.  He swim towards the mermaid and asked her about the treasure and she directed her towards a wrecked ship.

He swim towards the wrecked ship, glitters of the treasure shows its presence from a distance and he was super happy to found such a big treasure but his happiness get ruined as soon as he saw a big shark, crab, lionfish and octopus guarding the treasure.

He swim back to his ship as he was getting breathless and told everything to his group. They decided to go down together and bring the treasure up.

A gang of four, leader of the ship, his wife and two other strong members of his pirate group swim back to the treasure.

Pirate : We are here to take the treasure with us as we have found it.

Octopus : We own these beautiful glitters, they shine and make my sea beautiful. You can’t take it.

Pirate : I have searched for it, for all and will not go without the treasure.

Shark : I am afraid but you can’t.

Pirate : You really don’t know it’s worth and it’s simply useless for you all.

Octopus : The impressive glitters is all we want. We can’t allow you to take it.

Pirate : So you want only what glitters and nothing else?

Octopus and Shark, together said Yes and showed agreement.

Pirate : Let’s share the treasure , tell me what glitters the most. I will leave that for you take the rest.

Octopus points towards glittering gold coins.

Pirates agreed, and they collected all precious stones including diamonds, rubies, pearls and much more and left all glittering gold for the Octopus, shark and others guarding the treasure for its glitters.

Pirates bids adieu, to the sea creatures and beautiful sea world.

Though excited to get a big treasure, they all are mesmerised with the beauty of sea and keep thinking about it for long.

#ColgateMagicalStories brings out the storyteller in my son. He was content after telling his story while displaying the pictures and we are filled with pride.

Its a awesome initiative by Colgate, the leader in oral health care. Using Colgate regularly certainly ensures the best protection from germs and plaque.

Its the right time to grab the new Colgate Strong Teeth packs and unleash the imagination of your child. So what are you waiting for, go get the pack, and give new wings to your child’s imagination. 

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