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Party Drinks Sorted With TE-A-ME

Party And My Girl Gang,
Is Always A Hit With A Bang,
It Was My Chance,
To Organise Our Grand Day,
But I Dont Wanna Do It The Usual Way.

Starters Are Sorted,
So Is Main Course,
Only Confusion Was Drinks,
To Cheers And Raise A Toast.

Softdrinks Are So Common,
Juices I Dont Like,
Coffee And Tea Are Out Of Scope With Temperature So High.

Hot Summers Calls For Something Chilled And Cold,
Te-A-Me Ice Brews Are Launched,
Someone Told.

At My Place, Gala Meet Of Girl Gang,
Was Again A Hit With A Bang.
Everything Thing Was So Perfect,
But TE-A-ME Ice Brews Topped The List.

Yes TE-A-ME Ice Brews are just perfect to make your summer perfect. Amazing flavours with perfect blend of fruits and herbs. TE-A-ME ice-brews are so tasty, refreshing and surely make a perfect drink for every evening and surely a party essential.

TE-A-ME ice-brews comes in 5 exciting flavours (Lemon, Wild Berry, Peach, Mint Green, Lychee) and a sample pack with all five flavours is also available(So try out all before, deciding your favourite).


My favorite among all is LYCHEE as its perfectly sweet, amazingly refreshing and refreshingly delicious. And Ofcourse, Lychee is my favorite fruit😍


LEMON flavor is perfect option for summer season. Its delicious and healthy.

WILD BERRY tasted sweet and tangy and the colour is so tempting.

PEACH tastes refreshing, & fruity. Its such a smooth drink and tastes perfect.

MINT GREEN tastes so refreshing, smells so good and is just perfect for satisfying your carvings.

Just Take out the ice brew bag, pour a chilled water and crushed ice and your delicious drink is ready.

Stay cool, refreshed and energized with TE-A-ME ice brews. You can get 10% discount on ice brew ranges.

TE-A-ME ice brews are delicious new blends of fruits, herbs. They are all-natural and super-healthy, giving a refreshing burst of goodness with every sip. It can be brewed in minutes, just using cold water – no boiling required.

Ingedients used: 100% natural ingredients, NON GMO, gluten free, no added sugar, no artificial colours. 

Visit TE-A-Me website, to know more about and buy the icebrews.

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  1. wow loved it! 🙂 And yes ice brews are always cool for summer days. Especially you can make your cup anywhere anytime without boiled water!

  2. Perfect drinks for summer to chill out for Delhi weather

  3. Wow, i too impressed my guests with these iced brews. They were startled to know about the brand.

  4. This looks o awesome
    My fav drink too🙂

  5. I am hearing a lot of good reviews for.this tea. Would.try them

  6. I am a big fan of green tea.. Will definitely try this refreshing flavours specially the ice tea.

  7. Oh wow, interesting flavours n very different way of writing. Loved the poem. Waiting for some pics of the girl gang party😘😘

  8. Amazing and beautiful post. TE-A-ME is a great brand with a variant aromatic Flavours. Great thoughts.

  9. Ice brews are the best thing in summers to keep fresh all time

  10. Ice brews are perfect as get-together welcome drinks, surely gonna try this

  11. I liked the way you have opened up the post. It seems a product to try as it has different flavours

  12. Hearing so much of good review for these products now excited to try it for sure

  13. I am definitely going to try these flavors thanx for sharing this blog

  14. Oh my god . This looks tempting. I will surely give em a try. Thanks for the information.

  15. Tea-Me is completely new and it is indeed the best solution for parties. I loved your review throughout and can’t wait to see your party pics.

  16. These are so good and they flavours are really tempting..need to try once…

  17. The ice brew range is really cool. All the flavors are good for summer days.

  18. Woow, how beautifully you make poem on ice brew. The ice brew look so tempting and colorful

  19. Wow!!!! Amazing flavours and you have beautifully expressed them all.

  20. Wow!!!! Just love the flavours and amazing way of expressing your love for them…… great post and great product

  21. I have used their products and trust me, they are really good. I am sure everyone would want to try these flavours. Nice post.


  22. I have personally tried these. They are super awesome. I am sure they will be liked by one and all.


  23. ‘Te-a-me is topped the list. Perfect. Thank u for the gala recipe for a gala party

  24. thanks for sharing Te-a-me with us now I know a good cool drink to beat the heat this summer.

  25. Yes, I have used their products and they are awesome. i am sure they will establish themselves as a leading brand soon.



  26. I have been getting to hear a lot about this brand. Would aurely love to try this variant. Specially the Lychee one sounds yummy!

  27. I always like to try different flavours when it comes to iced tea. Will totally give these a shot.

  28. I would say same pinch, as Lychee was one of my favourite flavour for these Ice brews. Loved peach as well , with the best part that these brews are a healthier alternatives ..

  29. I love the idea of refreshing tea with fruit flavors! I am definitely going to try berry and peaches flavors, just sound too tempting.

  30. Oh wow these drinks really look refreshing and best for get together a thanks for sharing

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