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Play House By Essex – Fun Place To Be With Kids

Being a mommy of 5year big boy isnt easy. My over-active and over-energetic boy always need different activities indoor or outdoor. From activity boxes to activity zones, we explore everything to keep him busy, active and utilize his energy indoor or outdoor.

So recently, we visited Play house By Essex at Hauz Khas and had a Gala time playing and having fun. Play house by Essex is recently opened play area for kids with cafe and lawn. So you can leave you kids in play area to have fun and enjoy your time at cafe or lawn. They have well trained women staff inside the play are and they encourage kids to play, accompany them and take care of there safety.

Play House By Essex is a fun place to be at with kids. I just enjoyed my visit there. A fun play zone for little ones is indeed the best I found till date.

I Love The Place Because:
1. The funzone is very aptly designed for kids and all the activities are fun.

2. Hygiene is maintained pretty well, the area is well sanitized.

3. The helping staff at play zone is so amazing, ever smiling girls, taking care of babies, accompany them to each ride and making the every moment count for them.

4. Lego Corner, Ball Pits, Slides, Trampoline, A toy gaming corner with some supermarket, doctor set, tool set and much more. Your child can climb all the way, slide, jump and have fun or just sit quietly at a toy corner n pretend play.

5. They have a very hygenic food corner and very delicious food, well according to the tastebuds of our little ones.

6. A place well suited for Birthday celebrations. During my visit, there was birthday party going on and everything was well organized and other visitors are also taken care with perfection.

My visit to Play house by Essex, Huaz Khas was super fun. I suggest you all to go there and have fun with your kiddos. I highly recommend this place especially if you have plans to hang around essex farms with your kids. Dont miss the visit, if u r running short of time they have half hour slots too. So whenever you are around Hauz Khas with kids, do visit this place for some fun time for kiddos and me time for yourself.

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  1. Wow the place is looking really a great option for kids. and it seems you had a great family time over there. my girls too loved to visit different playhouse, here in USA it is a kind of great entertainment for kids, especially during winter.

  2. Quite a fun it was. Even I went there for my son and man he was not ready to come out. The ambience was so infectious and food was awesome too.

  3. Day by day the outside play or the playing on playground culture is diminishing. This is like a great option for us who fret about the playground culture and yet want our kids to get an experience all the same.

  4. sounds like a great party place for kids, I am visiting my parents in Delhi after winters, will surely check the place out.

  5. Wow! It looks like to be a fun place in south Delhi where you can enjoy whole day with your kids.

  6. Looks like a wonderful place for kids enjoyment…would definitely take my kid here during Christmas vacations..looking forward to see him happy playing here..

  7. It’s so good to see such kind of places for kids nowadays. It’s good to know they have half an hour slots too.

  8. Sounds perfect for families living around that area. Thanks for sharing why you like this play house. Very useful information xx

  9. Wow it seems like your kid had a great time there, the place seems fun too.. i’ll certainly visit it with my nephew

  10. For me fun but at the same time safety is important so I am glad that Play House by Essex takes care of both factors for kids .

  11. The place is a heaven for kids and mom to get me time at least for a while. The place is so colourful and stuffed with amazing toys for kids

  12. This is fabulous! Its great to know that they have taken such intensive cleanliness and safety measures. I will surely be letting my Mommy friends know about this.

  13. Have heard a lot about this one. I could actually see it through your post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  14. Essex has always been a great place for kids. I remember going there as a child for a birthday party and even for a picnic. The new play area looks wonderful

  15. Wow that place looks so good. Must have been super fun. Also having food menu as per kids is awesome.

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