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Let’s dig into deep with India’s Pure & Thick Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

Mother Sparsh Wipes are most trusted wipes for many mommies as they are as good as cotton and water, made from plant based fabric with 98% water and helps in preventing rashes too. What more a mom can ask for, goodness of age old instructions in modern way made life of we mommies much easy.

Our all time favourite Mother Sparsh, India’s Wipes Brand, has launched premium 99% Water based Baby Wipes featuring – Medical Grade Cloth. Yes, mother sparsh Wipes are all improved now.

All New Mother Sparsh Wipes :
• Contains 99% water
• Extra Thick And Extra Gentle
• Made of Natural/Plant Fabric
• 100% Biodegradable
• Free From Parabens, Alcohol, Chemicals and fragrances.

As I m using and loving Mother sparsh Wipes since long, I couldn’t stop myself trying the newly launched much improved version of it and I am loving it even more.

What’s New-

Packaging: I m absolutely in love with new packaging, plastic lid acts like a perfect moisture lock and locks moisture pretty well. With the resealable plastic sticker and plastic lid the freshness and moisture of wipes stay intact for long. Also with double lid, wipes remain safe from dirt and germs.

Extra Gentle & Unscented wipes: All new mother sparsh wipes are specially formulated for newborns, extra sensitive skin. Made with finest plant fabric and 99% pure water make its goodness equivalent to cotton and water. Being free from parabens , alcohol, chemicals and fragrances, these are safe for infants as well.

Medical Grade/ Plant Fabric : As the fabric is derived from plants and have optimum thickness and softness, the wipes are perfect for our delicate darlings. The soft skin of neonates are more prone to allergies and reactions but the fabric of mother sparsh wipes is non allergic and non reactive on little ones skin. The medical grade plant fabric make the wipes 100% biodegradable and hence good for environment as well.

Extra Thick: So the best part of all new mother sparsh wipes are the thickness. Extra thickness make it much softer on skin and retain moisture for long even if its out of packaging. The thickness is almost 3 times of ordinary baby wipes and indeed very delicate on skin, hence, the best for neonates skin.

Suitable for Hands & Mouth : Mother sparsh wipes are suitable for face, hands and body. The wipes are dermatologically test and is hypoallergenic which makes its suitable for use on entire body and provides complete protection to babies.

Mother sparsh wipes are indeed a solution for maintaining hygiene and keep little ones clean. As we have welcomed winters, use of wipes increase on neonates as more exposure to water in winter have side effects. The use of wipes increase in winters even with big kids and mother sparsh’s all new 99% pure water wipes are indeed going to be a savior. More wet, more pure, more thick, more soft, made out of 100% Biodegradable fabric make Mother sparsh wipes perfect.

How Mother Sparsh 99% unscented water wipes are different from Mother Sparsh 98% scented water wipes?

All new 99 % pure water baby wipes by mother sprash are indeed a must have. Go grab your pack and feel the goodness.

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  1. This new launch is definitely a boon for all the mommies out here. It’s #Unscented and made from medical grade fabric, what else we need more in a wipe for little ones.

  2. The wipes are extra gentle and kind for little baby’s delicate skin. I am using it and loving its results

  3. Love their organic wipes ..absolutely trusty and safe for babies..love the fact that they have a lid to close.

  4. I have heard such amazing things about this brand. The water content in their wipes is incredible. Good to know that they have made the wipes thicker and brought premium version of their popular wipes.

  5. I too use Mother Sparsh wipes for my son..they are safe and extremely soft on his skin..so I am tension free..I keep them in my purse whereever I go

  6. I am a huge fan of mother spash wipes. It is really nice to know that the brand has come up with a super soft wipes specially for new born babies. Thanks for sharing

  7. I am so happy my favourite wipe become better now. Feel proud,I have chosen the right and best wipe

  8. I’m myself using Mother Sparsh wipes as it’s chemical free and protects our babies skin.Highly recommend to all.

  9. Mother sparsh has some good products and these skin friendly water wipes are very useful. The material is path breaking indeed.

  10. Mother Spars Wipes sound perfect for babies’ tender skin. The fact that it is 99% water is great and the absence of chemicals is a boon. The fact that it is biodegradable

  11. I have been using mother sparsh wipes… They are really good and thick… This new packaging is indeed amazing as it would keep the wipes protected! Nice post!

  12. I have also been using Mother Sparsh wipes for a few months now. Love that’s its unscented and more thick now.

  13. When it’s come to wipes ,the only name which attracts me is mother sprash… Best for my daughter’s sensitive skin..

  14. I have been reading about these products, and honestly now i am thinking maybe we grown ups should switch too – i really like that it is water based and as close to being organic and pure as is possible – a definite must for child care!

  15. Thanks for sharing the honest review gives clear idea about the product. The new wipes sounds great for baby skincare regime.

  16. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.

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