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Lipa Land – Educational Games To Engage Little Brains

Tech-Savvy Gen-Next,
Put Moms Creativity On Test,
Keeping Them Engaged Is A Task,
Every Second They Get Bored and What’s New They Ask.

These four lines describe the biggest challenge of mommy-ing for me. My son actively participate in every game or activity and get bored quickly. He want new activities every time and hate repeating activities he already done.

From games, activities to stories, he get bored easily and he always want something new. Also at odd hours, when its not possible to keep him busy offline, I offer him screen time to be busy for sometime as I believe, gadgets do have a positive impact on kids if used in a proper way. But my little boy get bored of similar screen time also. I was always challenged to make his screen time more fun, interactive and learning experience.

What I Was Looking For:

• Fun activity ideas that help me in keeping in engaged and helps him in Learning new things.
• All new stories, coz my little sonny needs new stories always.
• Games for giving him an interesting , interactive and learning based screen time.
And I got everything at one destination, Lipa Land.

About Lipa Land

Lipa Land is an learning app for our little ones and it turn their screen time into fun, real time adventures that supports their overall growth and learning experience. Lipa Land is one stop destination for Learning is packed with stories, games and amazing fun activities.

Skills That Lipa Land Supports.

• Fine And Gross Motor Skills
• Outdoor And Indoor Safety
• Personal Care and Body care
• Hygienic and Healthy Habits
• Cognitive Skills, social Skills, emotional competence, ethics and values
• Creativity, Logical Thinking, Memory and spatial ability
• Culture, Nature, Experiment and Exploration.
Lipa Land have dedicated stories, activities and games that work on the above skills and works on your kids overall development.


Lipa land features amazing stories and me and my son love them all. The stories are divided into 3 difficulty levels – easy, medium and hard. Stories are also available as audiobooks. Every story supports certain skill sets and let your little ones learn something new. Stories also have interactive questions that help us to engage kids and track what they learn.


Activities are my favorite part of this application as we can enjoy them all together and enjoy. All activities include indulging family as a whole and let family learn together and enjoy together. All activities have step by step instructions and super easy to follow. Activities are easy and help in social skill building and every activity works on one skillset or other. And above all these activities surely encourage some amazing family time together.


Every game is related with skill sets and are indeed a fun learning experience. Every game set have games of different difficulty levels (similar to stories, its divided into 3 levels – easy, medium and hard). And the best part is the application keep track of the games played and you kids progress, that helps you understand you kids learning capabilities and how well your little one is doing. My son tried multiple games and figured out what needs to be done in few attempts. On completion of every level of a game, the app applauds your little one and encourage them to keep going.

Kid Friendly And Secure

Lipa Land have a kid friendly interface and let kids to manage the entire application on their own , they browse on their own, and select the stories, games n activities they want to do. And allows parents to control the time their kid can spend on the application. Lipa land is completely ad-free and KidSafe certified.

Whats More

Other than stories, activities and games that helps in overall development of your little one, Lipa land is loaded with popular lullabies and relaxing sounds too and these lullabies and sounds are really very relaxing and soothing, and they make the aura magical.
Lipa Land Learning app is free to download on the App Store and Google Play. Click this link to start a free trial, also use code QWFH for 1 month free access. Give it a try and let me know which fun educational game is your child’s favorites.

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  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    Lipa land app is a great way to engage young and impressionable minds while keeping them away from the harmful effects of technology.

  2. Looks wonderful. I would like to have it for my kiddo too.. Thanks for detailed post

  3. Wahoo app, very much helpful and learning thanks for sharing

  4. I would like to have it for my kiddo too.. Thanks for the post

  5. Wow really wonderful too much helpful .. Thanks for sharing

  6. I agree with you, it’s quite difficult to keep kids away from the screen all the time. I really like the concept of Lipa Land app, the great thing is it engages kids in various activities which helps in learning new things. So, in a way, it’s a good option to keep our kids happily engaged.

  7. This is a great app another amazing way to bond with the child it has fun games and engaging activities for the child and everything is it also has Screen Time for kids

  8. I am a mommy who let her kids watch phone and tablet for sometime during the day and I am not ashamed of that. All of us need some downtime. With apps like Lipa, the time spent by kids watching phone screens will be spent learning some new things. Sounds like a win – win.

  9. Keeping kids engaged and fueling their development and curiosity is a challenge and more so when kids nowadays do not go outdoors for playing much. Lipa Land is a nice way to not only engage them but also expose them to so many facets of the world and the environment.

  10. The app looks really interesting with great activities for the kids. Will recommend this

  11. La la Land looks like a wonderful place for kids. They can enjoy, engage and learn at the same time. And the idea of lullabies is amazing too!

  12. Lipa Land seems to be a wonderful app for kids and parents, I have tried it myself and love the app. I must say it has truly developed by skilled educational team. Thanks for sharing the detailed review

  13. It’s impossible to keep kids completely off from the screens. So its better to get them to use apps like these that’d at least help them.

  14. My nephew is 6 years old and i think this App seems really interesting for him. I’m always on the look for good apps and I’m glad you shared details about this one.

  15. Lipa Land is a great app, even my son has been using it for 30 mins a day and I’m loving the interesting ideas it has around the themes.

  16. Lipaland is really a very good app for kids to engage and have fun too.

  17. My little one is enjoying playing on the lipa land app a lot. It has a lot of variety. Definitely a must for moms and kids.

  18. Lipa land is a great app for kids I am literally in love with this app it has so many interesting things and features, I like the timer feature of it a limited screen time for kids.

  19. Lipa land seems like the best app for kids right now! Fun learning, stories, activities… What more can a parent ask for! ❤

  20. Heard a lot of rave reviews about Lipaland app.

    In fact, I had downloaded it and checked.

    It is so good for both parents and kids.

  21. The app looks super helpful for kids. This way kids are going to learn and explore so many things. this is something every parent would need for their kids

  22. All kids love playing games on phones or tabs and we parents find those games useless. Good to know that there are some lovely educational games available too.

  23. Stories, activities and games in one app for little ones. This sounds perfect. Recently heard about it and will surely check it out.

  24. I have heard so many positive points about this application, this one was probably one of the most detailed ones, thank you for sharing this, it was damn helpful, I am definitely downloading this app

  25. It looks like an exciting app. It is important to engage kids from their childhood to make then active and keep them aware about the trends in world. And this looks like an amazing app to keep kids engaged in fun games and activities.

  26. This seems like a great app for kids and very informative too…I will sure check for my little one!!

  27. We are loving this app too.. Its an amazing app that helps your child explore and learn..

  28. Lipa Land is such a fun and learns kinda thing. I have heard a lot about this great app. This is having so many fun activities as well as many creative things also. My kids are already using this application.

  29. Lipa Land Learning app is great for kids brain development. I really like that it involves games, activities and stories that will be loved by kid’s

  30. It’s one of the tough task for parents to engage kids in a healthy way. Lipa Land definitely sounds great. I would try it for my kid.

  31. Of lately I have heard so much about this lipa land app. Thanks for highlighting its uses in this post. I will surely check it for my son.

  32. So Lipaland will help in their mental development. They spend time in mobiles but we have to use that productively.

  33. Lipaland has created a good buzz in the town. I am loving the hype and it has great learning resources to keep children engaged.

  34. Lips land has been my fav app n have learnt a lot from app while teaching my daughter

  35. wow… seems so good app….. these days keep children engage is such a tough task.. will check it out the app soon. and tell u soon …

  36. Heard a lot lately about this app. Sounds interesting way to teach kids along with fun

  37. Wow! Lipa land indeed is sooo amazing for kids! I’ll recommend it to my younger cousins & siblings

  38. Seems like quite an innovative approach with a new kind of learning in a healthier way.

  39. Lipa Land is a great app for both parents and kids which make all the family members engaged and encourage also to the outdoor activities

  40. Wow! this app really does seem to be very useful!

  41. Lipaland app is really creative which helps learning in a fun way.

  42. I will try this app for my kid. Seems interesting and creative platform for children

  43. wow I knew about any such app… very helpful and interesting app

  44. I have heard about this app before. It is an indeed amazing app for kids. I will recommend it to new parents.

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