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What makes Jackie Shroff so awesome even at the age of 62!?

‘Biopic Movies’ are a thing now in 2019 and biopics are being made on almost every celebrity you can think of. If rumours are to believed, then you must see one based on Salman in some time. But one actor that I wish that they would make a biopic on is none other than Jaggu Dada aka Jackie Shroff. With Jaggu Dada celebrating 62 years of awesomeness (read: birthday) this February, we thought it would be a good time to look back at his fantastic career.

Jackie Shroff

Just like any other actor in this Industry, Jackie Shroff has had his ups and downs in the industry. From Hero to his recent Hindi movie Paltan, he has played diverse roles in the movies and has been redefining his roles even today. This veteran actor has pulled some amazing role in his career, but most of his fans still believe that his best ever performance is his portrayal as Jaggu Dada in Hero. He also played the role of Chunni Babu in the 2002 movie, Devdas, has given some serious friendship goals to us.

According to cinema lovers, they saw a new side to him in recent years. He started taking up more serious roles and nailed each one of them. Even in his latest Paltan movie, his role as Maj. General Sagat Singh was on point, and we can’t think of anyone who could have pulled that off that efficiently. Dada has also done some amazing roles in prominent South Indian movies. Though there are many movies, our favourite will always be the 2010 Tamil movie Aaranya Kaandam. The way he got into the skin of Singaperumal, an infamous gangster in Madras who is not able to keep up with his enemies was marvellous. Despite having very few dialogues in the movie, he made sure his acting did all the talking.

Jackie Shroff

His experiments with films went a notch further when he started featuring in short films. Of all the short film he has been a part of, the 2017 short film Khujli directed by Chintan Ruparel & Anuj Gosalia got him immense acclaim, and the Filmfare Short Film Award for Best Actor. Looking at that way he has experimenting in recent years, the day is not far when you will see him in a web series.

Bollywood is the perfect platform for those who are ready to give everything that they got, and that is exactly what Jackie Shroff did. He has turned into a living legend and someone that all the upcoming actors can look upto, even for his own son. No matter what role he is given, be it a Don in Aaranya Kaandam or a Soldier in Paltan, he has made sure that he did proper justice to the role. We hope to see him in more roles in the upcoming movies.

So, what kind of movies do you want to see him? Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Jackie Shroff is a versatile actor and even at this age he looks so fit and smart..he is a gem of a person and a wonderful human being

  2. He has been always amazing and his acting skillz have always been at par

  3. He has maintained his self amazingly well and he is a powerhouse of talent.

  4. Not a Jackie Shroff fan here but I think I agree with the points you have mentioned.

  5. I am not a fan of Jackie shroff but loved the way you have jotted down the pointers .it’s great for someone like me to know more about him.

  6. I still remember Jackie shroff’s movie Hero, which was a big hit. He is definitely an amazing actor, now a days I am a big fan of his son Tiger.

  7. He has done lot of serious roles but I am seen less in comedian roles , he must try some comedy too

  8. I love his acting skills from starting.
    Indeed he is a perfect hero to entertain us all !

    • I agree with your points. He has done some amazing work be it the soldier in Border or Jaggu Dada role he does it wonderfully. He isn’t just a fab actor but a good person as well so I am sure if his biopic comes we will know a lot more about him.

  9. Indeed, Jackie Shroff had a lot of ups and downs in the industry but still his spirit and work remained of quality. He is a gem of an actor.

  10. Have always loved Jackie Shroff’s acting. His hit movies along with Anil Kapoor like Ram Lakhan and others are Bollywood classics.

  11. Indeed he is awesome. He is known as an action hero, but his comic time in Housefull 3 was superb.
    So he should definitely try more in comedy.

  12. I don’t watch much movies but Jaggu Dada is someone we can never forget! Loved the post! Indeed I would love to watch him in a web series!

  13. I’m also a big fan of him. He is so smart and an amazing actor also. He has made the film industry enrich with many super hit films.

  14. He has definitely played so many diverse roles. It has been a while since I have seen his movies but after reading your post I feel like going on a binge watch.

  15. Oh great you wrote about him cause even I feel that he is one actor who has style in his natural self. It is not adapted nor copied. Though I didnt like him before but now his movie selections are fantastic. I loved watching him in Uncle King.

  16. Celebrities know how to maintain their physique and look younger everyday. Jackie Shroff is one of them.

  17. I always like Jackie Shroff. He always played nice roles in the movies. I like his son too.

  18. I have always been his fab since childhood he is so deeply rooted to our culture and is an amazing actor too

  19. Jackie Shroff is definitely a classic. He has charm and is very well maintained for his age. Kudos to the great work he has been doing.

  20. This is a really sweet fan post you have written. I can’t believe he is already 62! He is so well-maintained. I am not a big fan of his though.

  21. Jaggudada is a cool dude at every age! Loved his acting in his earlier movies especially Parinda and he rocks the screen even today. Actually Tiger Shroff has big boots to fill in.

  22. I’ve grown watching Jackie Shroff movies and loved in him everything from Ram Lakhan to Devdas. He always was a good actor and I hope he does more short films appropriate for his age.

  23. I just loved the blog, I am a big time of Jackie Shroff, I have no idea about how many times I would have watched Hero. And yes I am also very excited to watch Paltan.

  24. This is so true is one of those actors who have maintained himself so nicely from acting to his personal life he has done all nice way

  25. I haven’t watched much films of Jackie Shroff ,but I like his acting skill and strong personality too. Your points are so valid here.. ..

  26. I had a chance to meet Jackie Shroff very briefly years ago ye aura around him is extraordinary. He has what we now describe as swag! I liked his role in Hero a lot.

  27. Wow! Jackie Shroff is such an amazing actor and a legend. He looks so fit and young and can give these new age actors a run for their money.

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