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Top 5 Sensitive Wipes In India

Wipes are every mom’s best friend and we moms rely on them for many reasons. Wipes are handy, easy to use and soft on our little ones delicate skin. My son have a sensitive skin and I am always extra careful with him.

From the moment he was born to now wipes has been very important part of our daily routine. From cleaning his tiny little bum when he was little to cleaning his hands and face after every little meal. From quick cleaning his hands after his multiple messes to cleaning his face in the go. I cant thank enough to wipes for making my motherhood journey easy and less messy.

There are many brands in market who claims their baby wipes are 100% safe and chemical free but is there any way to judge them? Yes there is one,you should always read the description on the pack and never compromise with your little ones needs.

Over the period of time and after trying many baby wipes, I have 5 wipes brand, I rely the most.

Mother Sparsh Wipes

#Mothersparshwipes are one of most trusted wipes. They are as good as cotton and water and helps in preventing diaper rashes too. Mother sparsh wipes are made with plant based fabric with 98% water.

The recent launch of Mother sparsh wipes are even better. Extra thick, extra gentle, is made with medical grade cloth and contains 99% water. Mothersparsh wipes are free from parabens, alcohol, chemicals and fragrances and are 100% biodegradable.

Mamaearth Bamboo Wipes

Mamaearth wipes are made of bamboo and mostly natural ingredients and is free from parabens or any harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances and its gentle on babies skin. Mamaearth products are Made safe certified, hence trustworthy for use.

Himalaya Baby Wipes.

Himalaya bay wipes are an effective combination of herbs and moisturize babies skin well. They are well suited for baby’s soft skin and cleanse well. It contains aloe as one of the key ingredients that ensures that baby’s skin is always moisturied perfectly and Indian Lotus keeps skin soft.

Pampers Baby Fresh Clean Wipes

Pampers baby wipes contains certain amount of chemicals but all are mild and safe for baby’s soft skin and take care of little ones well being. Its hypoallergenic with refreshing smell. Its a lotion based wipe, has a great texture and helps is dirt removal and moisturize baby’s skin.

Johnson’s Baby Wipes.

Johnson’s baby wipes cleanse effectively and moisturize well. The advanced fiber technology and lotion base make it extra gentle on baby’s skin. Its clinically proven to be mild on baby skin and proved to be alcohol and soap free and hence safe to use.

I have listed my 5 favorites wipes from my experiences of motherhood journey. Choose the best for your little one.I am currently using #MotherSparshWipes and suggests the same to you all as its as good as cotton and water. Mothersparsh wipes are #UnscentedWaterWipes, #SensitiveWipes, #ExtraGentleWipes, #MedicalGradeCloth and #SuperThickWipes. So, buy it on Amazon,Firstcry or Mothersparsh website.
Happy parenting!

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  1. This is a handy list for all new mom’s. Baby essentials can be confusing with so many brands. This is useful.

  2. Very very crucial accessory ‘n a must required for every parent…. I struggled 10yrs ago finding my comfort for Jeehan. These are some good discoveries.

  3. Great list for moms. Very informative, relevant n well written post. Thank you for sharing

  4. Undoubtedly these are the Top 5 for a long time now and will be very useful for new moms. I loved eading this post.


  5. I too use Mother Sparsh wipes for my son..they are really gentle and I don’t have to worry about cleaning up his hands or face or legs even if I am sitting at a place where there is no water..

  6. This is a concise and informative handout to mothers of babies and young kids. As for myself, I use a couple of these ( Johnson, Himalaya) for my face and hands and they are always in my bag. Excellent for sensitive skin!

  7. Amazing and informative post. Superb collections of Babies water wipes. Mother Sparsh is the trusted and worthy brand. Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes are safe and secure. Great thoughts.

  8. Wipes need to adhere to stringent quality standards especially as they are for sensitive skin. This is a list of some really standard wipes and helpful for people looking out for quality wipes in India.

  9. That’s a very comprehensive post on wipes available in India. It’ll benefit many moms for the kids
    Great work

  10. Mothersparsh is my favourite wipe of all time. I trust it only for my daughter. It’s so pure and soft.

  11. I use baby wipes for so many purposes! I find mother sparsh wipes and mamaearth baby wipes to be the best ones! Nice post!

  12. I will surely share this helpful post with my sister who recently delivered baby boy.

  13. A very comprehensive list and useful for all new parents. I am also using Mothersparsh wipes for my child. presently.

  14. Mother sparsh is a very gentle wipe for sensitive skin.I enjoyed reading about the top baby wipes.Thanks for sharing

  15. Every mom should be aware about such wipes. Mamaearth is my all time favourite though

  16. Such a great list of sensitive wipes.. I personally like Mother Sparsh and Mammaearth baby wipes for my kid..

  17. That’s very helpful list. Agree baby wipes are one of the essential in baby bag. I’ve personally used mother sparsh wipes and found is gentle for baby skin

  18. Well written post! Informative and well detailed. Babies are complex enough to begin with, so knowing which are the wipes which will make life easier is such a help!

  19. Wipes are a mother’s best friend. And this Post is going to help a lot of women find what suits them best

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