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Treehouse at Maira Farms n Lawns

Ever thought of a spending some quality time at on an pretty yet private location with someone at your service all your time and serving you most delicious delicacies of your choice? I always look forward to such locations for making our days special and special days more special.

I am always in search for these special and least talked locations in and around delhi-ncr and my search recently took me to Maira Farms And Lawns. A journey of around 44Kms towards Karnal Rd, Delhi, take me to one of my dream experiences. Maira farms is a beautiful green location in Delhi. The beauty of the place is impeccable and mesmerizing. Beautiful decors and vibrant greenery make this place beautiful and your experience scintillating.

We booked our dinner on Treehouse at Maira Farms for celebrating hubby’s birthday and the experience was amazing. The experience of being in a treehouse was awestrucking. The perfectly decorated treehouse with perfect lights(no too dark, not too dim), stairs decorated with flower petals and candles, the tree house is beautifully decorated from inside with floor sitting.

We were at Maira for dinner and our booking slot was 6PM to 11PM and to make most of our experience we left by 5PM and reached by 6:15. I suggest the same to everyone and make most of the time. Reaching on time, is best way to take your experience to next level. I was awestrucked with the beautiful tree house and entire Farms was lit.

So, I booked in advance, by calling directing at farms and coordinating with the man, who handles the booking. And everything was pre decided. They offered a two course complete meal, with two type starters, two type main course, two type desserts with unlimited breads/rice and welcome drinks. The entire package also include the decor of tree house (decor was beautiful)

We entered at 6:15, had our tea (welcome drinks) with veg snacks. The staff also considered our son and arranged snacks and welcome drinks and snacks for my son too. (We were their on couple package and they are generous enough to not charge for our 5 year big boy and serve him as per his choices)

After, enjoying our snacks we walked aroud the beautiful vicinity of Maira Farms and making memories in form of pictures. We had a great time enjoying the beautiful vicinity, eating most delicious delicacies and clicking pictures. It was a amazing day, long drive, amazing venue, good food and loads of fun.

I surely recommend Maira Farms especially Tree house at Maira Farms. Entire time at Treehouse at Maira Including dinner costs INR 5500/- for booking you can call directly to the Maira and get the number if concerned person or Contact Himank at +91 84478 34944

Rating :
Location: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5
Hospitality: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Overall Experience: 5/5

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  1. Wowwww what a wonderful post and looking at the description, pics and your overall rating, I truly wish to visit and experience this once.

  2. This place seems perfect for family outing and celebrations, thanks for sharing as I was totally unaware about this amazing place.

  3. That looks like a perfect place for intimate family parties and get-together. Will surely recommend the place to my friends in Delhi.

  4. This treehouse looks so cool. I think kids will enjoy a lot. The place looks perfect for close family dinners or parties. Its always good to explore unique places for family outings.

  5. This place looks to be so good for such celebrations. I am sure you must have enjoyed to the core. The pre-planning at this place and smooth execution make it even comfier.

  6. Tree house sounds so cool and interesting .. I have never been to such place.. Will definitely want to visit once to experience that.

  7. Wow! A birthday celebration like this is a must. Once I did go to a treehouse near my house but wasn’t satisfied. Will check this one.

  8. Spending time in a tree house is a dream for me! This place looks amazing! And the decor is great too! And their hospitality seems perfect! ❤

  9. Oh Tree house sounds so magical. I would absolutely love to visit Maira farms. Kids and adults both seemed to have enjoyed

  10. I have never stayed in tree house but I would love to stay there sometime. Looks like you guys had amazing time there.

  11. This really sounds like a plan. Amazed by the ambiance and beauty of tree house at Maira farms

  12. I would definitely love to spend some time in a tree house alone. I love solitude.

  13. Look you have amazing time .. will surely try for next vacation.

  14. Noor Anand Chawla

    This is such a unique and fun activity for the family. My son will thoroughly enjoy it. I will surely check it out.

  15. Maria farms sounds super fun. The place looks so beautiful and relaxing. I have never been to treehouse.The next time if I visit delhi I’m surely gonna visit Maria farms.

  16. this seems to be an interesting place for a cozy get-together. The treehouse at Maira farms has definitely got everything. Peaceful ambiance, close to nature and amazing ambiance. Loved it , I am going to check it out .. Thanks for sharing.

  17. woow, place look so amazing and you know I want to visit it soon. your family had a great time there I can see.

  18. This looks so cool and fun. I am pleased to know you guys had a wonderful time. Really want to visit this place soon with friends and family.

  19. Such a cool place to hang out, with friends and family, I just loved the images and the tree house looks just damn fab, thank you so much for sharing this blog, will definitely try to plan a small getaway at this place 🙌

  20. A tree house is welcoming for every family member. The kids specially love one. This place looks amazing and you guys surely had great fun here. I would like my 4 years old to experience one

  21. Loved reading about your experience at Treehouse. The pictures are lovely. This is the perfect place to spend time with friends and family.

  22. The place looks so perfect for family parties or get together.. The pictures are really good. Seems Like you had a great time there.

  23. This place looks so fun. Hope your son Had a great time spending together with daddy there

  24. Such charming place in the lap of nature. Well priced for all that there is on offer. Hope to visit when I am in delhi next.

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