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Melvin Brewing & Craft Beer

Beer is an alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of grain, just as wine is any alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of fruit. Beer is brewed from cereal grains—most commonly from malted barley, though wheat, maize, and rice are also used. It is also the third most popular drink overall after water and tea.

On the other hand, Craft beers focus on a specific flavor palate that varies with the batch. Craft beer is made with specific, hand selected ingredients, and it is only produced in smaller batches by master brewers who truly love beer.

How Craft Beer Is Different From Regular (mass produced) Beer?
1. Taste – Regular beer have a very monotonous flavour and served cold. On the other hand, Craft beer has a richer flavours and the flavours varies with batches and served between 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit, to give better understanding of taste. Most craft brewers are passionate about the taste and flavour of their beer. So they invest the time and energy required to maintain or improve the quality of the beer.

2. Apperance : Regular beer is mostly pale yellow and watery but craft beer comes in variety of colors based on type of brews.

3. Regular beer is produced using cheaper ingredients but craft beer is produced using specific ingredients. Especially selected to bring out the best craft beer.

4. Unlike regular beer, there are no two craft beers exactly same. Their must be some noticible difference. They serve a wide variety and varities also differs with seasons.

5. With Craft beer and its wide range of varieties. You can find a beer that goes well with your favorite food to create the ultimate dining experience. But you cant do the same with regular beer.

Melvin Brewing is a craft brewery, based in Alpine, Wyoming. Melvin operates a 30-BBL brew house housed 20,000 square foot facility, where it kegs and packages highest-quality craft beer for key Pacific Northwest and Mountain States market. At Melvin Brewing they serve one of the best craft beer ever.

So, if you are in or around Alpine, do visit Melvin Brewing as they serve finest craft beer in the locality.

Craft beer from Melvin Brewing have :
1. Better Taste
1. Better Taste : Brewers at Melving Brewing are passionate about the taste and flavour of their beer. So they invest the time and energy required to maintain or improve the quality of the beer.

2. Greater Variety : Melvin Brewing Craft beer gives you more choices as they strive to create a unique blend of ingredients to serve you better n different beer.

3. More Alcohol : Craft beers will offer you more alcohol by volume (at least 5 to 10 percent) but some even provide up to 20 percent.

4. Beer for Every Season : At Melvin Brewing, your craft beer drink something refreshingly different during each season, with amazing varieties and flavours.

Also, Craft beer offers some important health benefits because it contains antioxidants, protein, and vitamin B complex. Drinking craft beer in moderation can provide these benefits because of the high quality ingredients used to brew it.

So, next time when you want beer , try craft beer.

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  1. Got to know about something totally new from your post. Can you suggest name of Craft Beers available here in India? Would love to taste it.

  2. Oh this is some great information on beer and it’s different types. I haven’t tasted this beer but will tell hubby to check it out.

  3. This was a good lesson on different kinds of beer. Thank you for sharing. I was totally ignorant.

  4. I never taste beer in my life , but this is a helpful post for them who love beer. Would sure with my hubby.

  5. I don’t drink but your post is very informative and interesting. Thank you for sharing

  6. This is such an elaborated post for beer lovers. U know I am not an alcoholic but I still find this post very interesting.

  7. I have always enjoyed craft beer over regular beer. Good to know about Melvin Brewing Company- I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  8. Craft beers are amazing! I’m glad you have brought into focus the huge number of beers available. Will visit the alpine one next time I am in WYOMING!

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