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#SpreadTheVibe : Inspiring Heros Of Chennai Floods

Good In All Is Hidden Somewhere,
Some Show It Silently But Always,
Some Show It Whenever Needed,
Some Realise The Good In Themselves,
Under Some Conditions,
And Do It Without Any Reasons.

Yes,  I always believe that there is always a good in you,  it’s just a matter of fact, when you realise it.
In 2015, A part of our incredible India face some of its most tragic days ” Chennai Floods”. Heavy Rainfalls just changed the look of lively Chennai.  In those rains and flood situations emerges lots of Hero’s who just done there bit to brighten the dark lives Chennai.
In the midst of devastating floods, Chennai has seen countless heroes emerge, people risking their lives and going out of their way to lend a helping hand. Lots of Chennai flood hero’s stories inspire me in 2015. Chennai Floods tales teaches me a lesson of humanity that touched my soul and surely remain with me forever. 
Mr. SR Ramanan, fondly called Chennai’s ‘Rain Man’. He stayed in his office, reporting regularly the conditions,  informing about flooded and safe areas when he was not able to contact his own family and knows his own home is flooded.  Hats Off.
Pic Courtsey : www.thelogicalindian.com

Our soldiers  done their best to rescue the survivors stuck in flooded areas and again proved that they can do anything for the safety of their countryman. I salute the soldiers who just dedicated there lives for our best living, Somewhere I read, A soldier said ” I am born to die” but I believe a soldier is born to let us live in every condition.

Pic Courtsey : www.deccanchronicals.com

Ram Kashyap from Bangalore, shuttles between Bangalore and Chennai with the relief materials to provide respite to the affected persons stranded in Chennai. With the help of Social Media and his 14 friends gathered required things for Chennai Peoples and delivered all items promptly.

Pic Courtsey : www.thelogicalindian.com

Twenty year old Bharath of Saidapet died while rescuing strangers in the floods. He saved several people before being pulled away by the current. It is the highest form of selflessness and courage. He is a brave soul and lives in India’s Heart forever.

Pic Courtsey: https://www.facebook.com/mycitychennai

Many such stories from Chennai Floods are true inspiration from the bravehearts who emerges as real heros in adverse conditions.When its about #SpreadTheVibe and talk about the good in the world, I just shared some of Chennai Flood Heros but there are many such stories.

“We Are One” Is what we realised by Chennai Floods. These stories are surely not untold but definitely worth recalling again and again.

Grand Salute To Chennai Floods Hero’s. You All Are Real Gems 🙂

This is written for #SpreadTheVibe contest organised by Indiblogger and Youth Ki Awaaz.
You can visit http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/ for more inspirational stories.

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