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#TalesOf2015 – Step Towards Finding Myself

An unsatisfactory day in 2015, when I just carved to look at the sky and found myself caught in some trap, unable to look at the sky wide,  unable to enjoy the sunshine,  unable to follow what I dream of,  unable to express what I urge for just because I have lots more to look at. Looking at some of my old poetic compositions,  I felt so lost that I simply can’t express. I wanted to be more of me than a mother,  wife or daughter-in-law,  I desperately wanted to be known and appreciated as I, me, myself.
From that day, A mom,  a wife,  a daughter-in-law in me was searching for her true-self since last one year.  Last year, a stay at home mom in me,  dreamt to turn her passion into a treasurable possession,  a possession with appreciation from others.
But Why? Because,

Whenever I See Star, I Urge To Twinkle, 

Whenever I See Sun, I Aim To Be Bright,
Whenever I See Moon,  I Fight To Shine,
Whenever I See Sky,  I Want To Spread My Wings And Fly High.
I Carved Words, When I Cried,
I Loved Words When I Laughed,
I Rhythmed Heartbeats With Words, When I Romanced,
I Murmured Words, When Mother In Me Matured.
Every Emotion I Expressed In Words,
A Step Ahead With My Creative Musings,
Bring Me To The New World,
Where Word Possess Immense Power.
For me 2015, is a tale of weaving loads of dreams, to find my true-self, to give direction to my dreams and taking the step towards.
Which lead to the birth of my blog Directing My Dreams.  The name itself,  says what I want.  I want to direct my dreams towards my life’s goal.

#TalesOf2015 for me is the valuable Transformation of A Mom to A Passionate Blogger.
After giving a start to my dreams,  this year my resolution is to give the heights to my dreams and chase the sky.
A resolution I made This year,
Is to be everyone’s dear,
Leaving the engineer in me aside,
I decided to be, by my baby’s side,
But this year,  I wanna bring alive the dream I start I always see,
I wanna bring out the magician of words in me,
To express my vision with poetess in me,
I wanna play with words that leave a mark,
Wanna see my words creating a spark.
My New Year Resolution this year,
To to direct my dreams and be everyone’s dear.


I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.

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