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Walk Down The Memory Lane

Smiles Or Cries,
Togetherness Or Distances Of Several Miles.

In Search Of Memory Most Memorable,
I Open My Most Precious Treasure,
Every Minute I Lived,
Every Person I Loved,
Is A Treasure To Cherish,
Good Or Bad,
Memories Don’t Perish.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Little Girl,
Without Any Worry,
Riding Her Bicycle Everyday,
Be It Rainy Or Sunny.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Girl In Her Teens,
Dreaming Always,
In Love With Rains,
Papa’s Princess,
Mum’s Pride,
For Bother She is Always Right.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw My Father Journey,
From Riding Royal Enfield,
To Lying On Hospital Bed,
Worst Year Of Our Life We Had.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Girl’s,
First Day In College,
Proud Engineer In Making,
New Turn Is What Life Taking.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Brave Girl,
Moving To A New City,
Living With New People,
Speaking New Language,
Just To Achieve Success In Life.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Career Oriented Girl,
Tied In Adverse Conditions,
Sacrificing Her Dreams,
For Her Parents.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A School Teacher,
Who Is Favourite Of All Her Students,
Smiling,  Laughing And Sharing,
Moment With Little Childrens.

Down The Memory Lane,.
I Saw Girl Crying,
She Don’t Wanna Get Married,
But She Is Forced To.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Shy & Afraid Girl,
For The Very First time,
Meeting A Stranger,
And Agreeing To Marry.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Budding Love Story,
Strangers Are In Love,
And Their Fate Is Written.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Remember My D-day,
Me Walking Down The Asile,
To Walk With Him Life’s Every Mile.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Remember That Precious Moment,
When Two Lines Confirms,
Arriving Arrival Of My Little One.
First Moment With My Son

Bundles Of Beautiful Memories,
And Many Yet To Be Created,
That Fine Day Was,
Top Rated.

A Day With Mixed Emotions,

Yes,  The Day My Little One Arrive,
Pain Of 16Hrs,
Tension Of Will Everything Be Fine,
Hearing Him Cry For The First Time,
Happiness For His Arrival,
Smiles On Seeing Him First Time,
Proud Feeling Of Being Mommy For The First Time.

Me With My Little Love 

The Most Memorable Day Of My Life,
Is The Day When My Son Arrives.
A Mother And A Son Was Born,
This Page Of Memory Never Turn.

Memories Are Many,
All Are Special,
Creating More For My Treasure. 🙂
My Message To My Little Love To Relive My Most Memorable Memory :

Share your#MemoriesForLife like I’ve done at BlogAdda forHDFC Life.”

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  1. Very nice poem Yogita. Keep on going and write more and more 🙂

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