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Let Your Little's Learn With Fun With Chu Chu TV

Little brat at my home, is just two,
He make me busy and keep me on my toes,
OMG, he is so super charged,
I really find to keep him busy hard,
Never tired, always ready to race,
I can’t even say no to his demanding face,
Needed a solution and got one,
Time to share with others mom’s,
To make there life bit easy and fun..

Hola mommies, if you can relate to first 6 lines by me, I am sure u r excited to know about something I was talking about in next 3 lines.
Every mommy including me finds it difficult to manage baby’s whole day long, they always need mom when we are super busy or need some me time. It always happens with me, when I have a phone call to make, my kiddo needs to talk with me and If I am off to household activities he suddenly gets bore with all his toys and games.
I was searching for solution to all this and something to keep my baby busy and came across an awesome YouTube Channel of Chu Chu TV.

Chu Chu TV Logo.  

Woah, chu chu tv is surely my kiddos best friend now. Popular nursery rhymes and many more kids songs that brings positive messages with entertaining songs and awesome graphics in videos for baby’s to relate, learn and enjoy.
My little love, just love his date time with Chu Chu TV coz Chu Chu TV is just so damn different.
I myself got surprised when I heard their innovation of our old nursery rhymes and how their awesome video and graphics are made so intelligently to incorporate good habits to our little ones.
Never thought a simple rhyme like Baa Baa Black Sheep can teach my two years little boy,  the joy of sharing – my little love forced me do give his favorite packet of chips to kids on streets.
Christmas song teaches value of respecting and helping elders –  I found my little one helping me in all ways he can, be it bringing his water glass to kitchen or helping me in arranging beds.
Head Shoulders Toes teaching them the value of exercises in life –  My kiddo take the skipping rope and try to jump as its a morning ritual at my home.
And the awesomest feeling is listening my kiddo singing those rhymes with his incomplete words in just two days.
With Chu Chu TV videos on I can finish my work, have some me time while my baby relates, learn and enjoy his time.
I seriously believe that babies are born Genius and learn whatever they see and hear. And Chu Chu TV is surely making my belief much stronger day by day.
So mommies, here my kiddos favorite video by Chu Chu TV which he watches once almost daily and surely learns rhymes and loads of good habits.

With more than a million subscribers, Chu Chu TV is among the best entertainment and learning channel for children’s with loads of animated performance of nursery rhymes, kids songs, phonics and numbers. 
Mommies,  it’s the right time to subscribe to Chu Chu TV and see your kiddo learn when they have their part of fun n enjoyment.

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