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Share The Load – #LaundryGoesOddEven

Do you remember the times when work done are purely gender based. When men was supposed to step out, work hard and earn for family’s well-being whereas women is supposed to handle household chaos aka chores.

But with time and development, this scenario has drastically changed. Women stepped out and excelled in many fields whereas men started doing household too.
Cooking was once,  all women’s job but now the scenario changed, I have seen men cooking much better than women, my father is a perfect example of great cook. I always call my dad, whenever I need answer to my cooking queries.

With so many changes over a period of time, one thing is still not changed. One work is still gender based and meant to be done by women only – LAUNDRY.

Why Men Can’t Do Laundry?
Why Laundry Is Considered So Difficult Task?

With the electronic revolution taking over the world, I guess laundry is not a difficult task anymore.

And I discussed this with my hubby, and the answer is quite weird.

He said, clothes are not cleaned properly in machine, it need extra efforts from soaking the clothes to brush the collar and cuffs.

I said,  it’s a sheer misconception.

He said,  Everyone does it the same way?

I said, me not.

He said, then how clothes are so clean?

I said, it’s the magic of Ariel Matic 

I explained, Ariel Matic is made to give best results with washing machines either front load or top load like ours. Just sort clothes,  add one scoop of Ariel Matic and load the machine and you are done.

He was surprised, and out of curiosity and doubt said, Let me try.

I said, my pleasure

He rushed to the machine, loaded clothes added the required amount of Ariel Matic, done the required settings (of-course with my help, gosh it’s difficult to explain the easiest things to first timers especially husbands)

With all his curiosity, he waited for the clothes to be washed and then for his satisfaction, took out clothes from the machines, checked every single clothes and then hang them to dry.

He exclaimed, wow clothes are perfectly cleaned and it seems to be an easy task with Ariel Matic.

Darling Hubby With His New Favorite
Partners In Sharing Load

Then I told his about happily about Odd Even Activity to share the load By Ariel Matic, he was elated to hear about it and was super excited to share the load with me.

The day he realized the magic of Ariel matic was a odd day, so he decided to wash clothes on every odd day and I was given the same work on even days.

Being a delhiite, he was like if I can follow odd even on roads why not at home and *laughs*. But he religiously took 15 minutes to set reminder for every odd day to do his task for next 3 months to share the load.

Share the load activity by Ariel Matic, will be active in my house for next 3 months atleast. *happy dance*

Little Supporter

Watch the video below. It shows how a father learns to share the load with the mother. And will surely melts your heart.
So, get up and get ready to #ShareTheLoad with Ariel Matic. It’s better late than never. 

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.

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