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My Version Of #RedTapeStories

The Chase Game Begun,
It Was A Big Run,
The Roads Are Tough But Lead To Her Heart,
He Cant Hold, Need To Start.
So He Wear His Winning Spirit,
Get Dress In His Super Hero Disguise,
He With His Partner In Crime,
Ready To Run And Climb.
With Comfort In His Feet,
Nothing Can Control His Speed,
He Was Fast, He Was Quick,
Nothing Can Be Barrier In His Winning Spree.
He Is The Winner,
Wear Whats Meant Only For Winners,
With Red Tape Shoes,
Comfort And Fast Pace,
He Stopped Her In A Winning Race.
Awarded With A Way To Connect,
He Thought What Next??
It Started With A 10Minutes Glance,
Of Her Contact Number,
And A Victory Dance,
To Control His Heart Thunder.
Then With All The Courage,
He Send A Hello Text,
Hi, She Replied.
One Text Leads To A Long Chat History,
(Sorry Cant Be Shared, Its A Secret Story)
And The Friendship Blooms,
And Touched The Chords Of Heart,
And They Both Agree,
To Be A Love-Date Part.
It Was A Coffee Date,
And He Wear His Shoes From Red Tape.
( Reason Is Simple, To Impress A Girl, Every Step Has To Be Spectacular)
The Date Started With Some ChitChat,
And Sipping Coffee Together,
They Decided A Long Ride,
Would be Much Better.
The Ride Begins And He Knows,
Impress A Girl With Chocolate And Rose,
He Stop In Between,
Bought Rose For The Lady,
And Chocolate To Share,
Her Happiness Reflects In Her Stare.
When Other Offers A Five Star Dinner Date,
He Offers To Pickup Some Stuff And Cook,
(He Knows, Every Girl Love Chef In His Man)
They Reached Home,
The Place Is Beautifully Decorated,
(He Actually Have All This Already Planned)
With Candles And Flowers All around,
It Look Like A Beautiful Background,
He Put On Some Light Music,
It Was Also In His List.
She Is Impressed And Curious Even More,
Desperate To Know Whats More Is In Store.
He Offered Her A Glass Of Wine,
Entered The Kitchen And Arranged For Her A Fine Dine,
She Got Impressed With Her Cooking Skills,
And The Musics Bring More Thrills,
So The Day Ended With Some Romantic Dance Moves,
And Ofcourse Next Meeting Plans.
She Reached Home,
And Dropped Him A Text,
Loved The Day We Spent Together,
Those Are Beautiful Memories To Gather.
This Time It Was Her Who Is More Excited,
And She Knew Its Gonna Be A Super Day.
He Picked Her For A Classy Bike Ride,
Not A Hotel To Eat,
Not A Mall To Shop,
He Choosed A Flea Market,
To Let Her Enjoy Untill She Drop.
( He Knew How Flea Market Bargains And Street Food Make Women Happy,
Girls Dont Need 5 Star Dining,
They Need Panipuri With Extra Chilli)
A Day Out,
And Doing All What She Like,
Surely Added Smile On Her Face,
A Milestone In Their Relationship.
(After Loads Of Phone Call, Uncountable Texts, And Few More Meeting)
He Dressed Up At His Best,
His Favourite Denim, Her Favourite Color Shirt,
Its Not Just A Date,
It Has Lots More To Tell.
He Reached Her Place,
She Has No Clue,
He Knocked The Door With Bunch Of Roses,
One or Two?
She Opened The Door,
And To Her Surprise,
He Was On His Knees,
With A Ring Shining So Bright.
And He Said,
I Just Wanna Say,
Be Mine…
And She Replied,
I Am Yours…
A Chase A Started For Her Love,
Continued Forever With Her,
Both Of Them Hold Hands Forever.
And A Love Story Blooms To A Beautiful Flower.

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