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Our Winning Ways #MoreIndianThanYouThink

#MoreIndianThanYouThink Is Surely Shown,
When We Are Grown,
Papa Is Always The Support System,
Mommy Is Always Standing By Side In Every Situation,
Brothers Are Biggest Security You Ever Get,
Sisters Are Best Adviser You Ever Met.
Your Every Life Step Is Not Taken Alone,

Its A Joint Decision Of Family As A Whole,
When You Have Everyone Around,
Failures Are Not As Horrible As It Sounds.

This Leads To The Confidence And The Desi Swag,
That We Wear Every Moment In Life’s Walk.
Our Desi Swag Is #MoreIndianThanYouThink,
Its Full Of Morals And Lots Of Drama,
Desi Jugaads And Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana,
Values Learnt And Cultures Celebrated,
Its About Learning And Following Ideologies,
And Winning Hearts By Being Desi.
Beautifully Clad In Her Saree,
She Walked In And Looked Around,
Her First Day In New Office,
And There Is No Positive Sounds.
She Know Her Work,
And She Know She Wont Stuck,
But Her Heart Sunks,
When She Realise, She Is Alone Among Everyone..
But She Is #MoreIndianThanYouThink,
She Is Ready To Impress With Her Indian Trick,
Very Next Day,
She Enters Office With A Smile,
And Greeted Everyone ‘Namaskar’,
She Brought Out All Her Well Learned ‘Sanskar'(morals).
With Every Smile She Spread,
And With Every Smile She Get,
Smile Is Contagious Is Proved Again,
And She Get Her Happy Space.
Same Day, During LunchTime,
While Everyone Was Thinking What to Order,
She Opened Her Big Dabba( Lunch Box) And Invites Everyone To Savour.
That ‘Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana’
Works Wonders.
Her Indian Trick Worked At A Superfast Pace,
With Food Cooked With Love,
Served With Care,
And Relished Together With Fun,
She Get Her Much Needed Positivity In Her New Workplace.
All Set To Give Her Very Important Presentation,
That Was A Result Of Her Two Years Of Dedication,
Last One Week Was Full Of Extra Hard Work She Put In,
To Sum-up In Best Way What She Thinks.
Confident About Her Presentation Skills,
Next Step Is To Dress To Stir.
She Decided To Dress Up In Her Nicely Done Cotton Saree,
With A Hint Of Kohl,
She Is Ready For Her Role.
But When She Reached The Office,
Got Titled As “BehanJi” Coz Of Her Saree,
But She Is #MoreIndianThanYouThink,
She Proudly Puts Up Her Bindi,
That Represents Her Pride,
Darken Her Kohl,
And Get Started With Her Role,
She Joint Her Hands,
Greeted Everyone Namaste.
Everyone Was Impressed With Her Work,
And Flattered By Her Dressing Way.
BehanJi Was Her Tag,
But She Used Her Tag To Impress.
Her Indian Ways Make Her Out Shine,
And She Exclaimed – The World Is Mine With Her Indian Pride.
Life Is Full Of Struggles,
Some We Win,
Some We Loose,
But One Think Is Sure,
Between Loosing And Winning,
We Learn Much More.
Her Winning Game Was About To Change,
Her Winning Streaks Gonna Have A New Name,
Soon A Carrier Oriented Women,
Choosed A Little Life Over Her Blooming Career.
Everyone Questioned Her Decision,

But Her Answers Are #MoreIndianThanYouThink.

She Expressed,
One Little Life Am Gonna Hold,
After Puting My Career To Hold,
Its Surely Not The End,
But A New Beginning Trend.
I Wanna See My Little Love Grow,
I Want The Mother In Me To Take Over The Role,
She Said,
Am At Home,
To Make Sure, My Kid Learn What I Learned In My Childhood,
He Understands Whats Bad And Whats Good,
He Learns What Everyone Around Know,
He Keep Learning When He Grow.
I Wanna Be At Home,
To See Him Grow,
I Wanna Be At Home,
To Let Him Learn More And More.
I Wanna Transfer The Morals,
I Am Grown Up With,
I Want To Teach Him To Respect Everyone,
And Protect Someone In Need.
I Want To Teach Him Whats Missing In Todays Generation,
I Want To Help Him,
To Grow Over The Current Skirt Length Speculation.
I Want To Teach Him The Real Meaning Of Equality,
I Want Him To See The Reality.
I Want Him To Be #MoreIndianThanYouThink to Think Bigger and Perform Better.
Greetings With Joined Hands,
‘Namaste’ Is Heart Warming Trend,
Spreading Happiness Is The Essence Of Culture We Follow,
We Live Happily Yesterday Today And Tomorrow.
We Are United In Diversity,
We Celebrate Holi, Baishakhi, Diwali, Christmas And Eid.
Our Diverse Cultures Teach Us How To Unite,
Our Unity Is Our Winning Strike.

Words Are Many,
Experiences Are Still Pouring,
Few Shared Above Shows The Essence Of My Life,
I Just Love Being The Desi Me,
The Indian Desi Avatar Is My USP.
Being Indian Is New Trend, Approval By Mom Is A Ritual,
Home Made Food Is Just What Our Tastebuds Need,
Hosting The Indian Way Is What Touches Hearts,
Even Lufthansa Airlines Understand This Part.
So They Step Forward The Indian Way,
With Desi Greetings, Desi Food, Desi Entertainment,
They Are Stealing Many Hearts With Their #MoreIndianThanYouThink Ways.

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