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When Mr. PC Refused To Get “Cashify-ed” – #CleanUpCashOut

I Just Love Your Home, Am Not Gonna Leave You – Says My Now Not So Dear PC(Personal Computer)

And with this statement by Mr. PC my dream of empty corner in my beautiful room is shattered and the brand new laptop still have no permanent place to sit on.

In conversation with my old and always hanging PC, where I lost the battle of getting him out of my home.

I switched on my computer today after long time, I avoid him because he always take lot of time to start.

And an unending conversion starts:

Me(in anger) : Mr. PC, why are you still on windows logo, I switched you on 5minutes back

Mr. PC : Oh I didnt realised you need me so much today *laughing*

Me: Oh Please, Mr. Old slow machine, start up, I need to move my stuff out of you as you are going to a new place today.

Mr. PC : Oh Is It, You really think, you can get me out of my beloved place *cunning laughs again*

Me : Stop Laughing Mr. PC or I will turn off your power supply forever *Burning With Anger Now*

Mr. PC: Oh My My, I just love your anger *cunning laughter turned to cunning smile* and the windows logo screen moves to login screen.

Me: *Entered Password*

Mr. PC : *Cunningly* Why dont you feed Nayan(My son) now, I want time to settle all processes and start maybe(with a wink)

Me: Mr. PC,why you always so irritating. If you kept working properly, baby lappy would never had took your place *irritated*

Mr. PC: You seriously feel baby lappy can take my place, huh.

Me: Stop annoying Mr. PC, I m in hurry, ur new owner is coming soon to meet you, better impress him.

Mr. PC: We will see.

Me: *Finally Transferring Data To External Drive*

Mr. PC: *Laugh Loudly and Hangs*

Me: Damn! Mr. PC, don’t you dare to play tricks with my imp data, if I lose any of it I will throw you down from balcony.

Mr. PC: Huh, your data is safe with me but surely aint moving out * Laughs Out Loud Again*

Me: *Slapped Mr. PC hard*

Mr. PC: Woah Girl slowly, you almost killed me*breathe with relief*

Me: You better paste data to destination properly

Mr. PC: Only if you copy, I wont move the data out.

Me: *Argh* OK.

Finally Data Copied To Destination *What a relief*

Me: Bye Bye Mr. PC, better act good when your new owner is coming to meet you.. Ok. *PC Shuts Down With Laughter*

I decided to run format in front of buyer and hand him over my PC. Damn I loved him so very much but he has grown old and super slow.

The Buyer Arrives and I introduce Mr.PC to him.

Me: Hey Mr. PC, your new companion is here and murmured in his ears act properly.

Mr. PC seems to follow my instructions starts completely in just 1min. *Buyer Impressed*

Me : Good Job, Mr.PC.

Mr. PC: *Laughs Cunningly*

Me: *Afraid*

Buyer: *Working On Mr.PC*

Mr. PC: *Hangs*

Me: Not Now Mr.PC, you cant do this now, he is just opening word file and word is your bestie, you never hangs up with him.

Word : Its Planned*Laughter*

Mr. PC: Joins The Laughter

Buyer : *Annoyed*, you said your PC hangs when you multitask and it hangs in just one word document.

Me: Oh, it never happens so in my case, murmuring and pleading to Mr. PC, please work

Mr. PC: I wont dear, because I am in love with my place and this computer corner in this room will be off no use without me*smiles*

Me: I will change the decor, huh.

Mr. PC: It will be of no use to spent so much, you will not that much amount by selling me. *laughs again*

Me: *Angrily* Mind Your Own Work, Work Properly.

Mr. PC: *Laughs* No i wont

In Between, Buyer – This PC is crap, not of any use, am not buying it at any cost *Leaves*

Me: Whats This Mr. PC, You deliberately done this *Sad*

Mr. PC: Am not gonna leave my corner, my place, my home. I just love this home *Smiles with love*

My PC just loved me n my home so it refused to get “Cashify-ed”.

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  1. Very well written it’s very interesting

  2. This is how I feel every time I get a new laptop! Funny and entertaining post.

  3. This is how I feel every time I get a new laptop! I really enjoyed your post. Funny and entertaining.

  4. Personify what must go on in the mind of a pc is interesting read! Thanks for explaining this in such a clever and creative way. Blessings!

  5. Ha ha really very funny pist. I like it. Nice post

  6. Hahahahaha.. o my goodness. i cant just stop laughing. i have been there. you are very funny.

  7. Lol this is very funny and true. Made my night 🙂

  8. I enjoyed to much reading your post! You are really very funny 🙂 I feel same with my new laptop am the old one 🙂

  9. I think we all have these battles with
    our computers! Great post.

  10. This was a fun read. Didn’t expect the product placement though. 😁

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