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Sweat Proof Makeup – Need Of Summers

Our beauty is the charm we carry to create a mesmerizing aura around us. A quick touch of liner, Kohl or mascara provides our eyes a new enhanced look and with gloss or lipstick defines your lips. In short, a little makeup brings out the best in us.

The scorching sun, hot weather and sweat make our look and makeup dull. Summers bring all these troubles at max but we cant deny, we can’t avoid sweat in any season.  Either its too hot,  too humid or too tiring, we sweat.

Trust me a few changes in your makeup routine can give you a long lasting and sweat proof look. These changes are as easy as choosing powder-based makeup over cream-based, adding primer to your routine or just outlining before applying lipstick.

Using Matte bronzer will surely help. Keep shimmer safe for those special occasions. Go for Neutral tones for your eyes  and on cheeks and lips go for peach tones. This will surely give your skin a much healthy look.

Outlining your lips prevent bleeding of lipcolor due to humidity, so before applying lipstick, just outline. Use creamy lipsticks they surely nourish your lips.

For making your eyeshadow last long without creasing. Use concealer followed by a loose powder as a base for eyeshadow. You can also cover spots with concealer and than set it with loose powder.

Make cleansing, toning and moisturizing a habit and for long-lasting makeup, don’t forget to use a matte finish primer before applying makeup.

Avoid cream or gel based blusher or eyeshadow, instead Use powder blush and eyeshadows. Powder makeup crease less and stay longer. Applying lip or cheek tints gives you amazing feel, as they are lightweight with natural hint of colour.

Do Avoid heavy makeup. Just curl your lashes apply waterproof mascara as it wont smudge. Fresh colours of pink, red, orange, light brown and nude, work the best for makeup.

So Beautiful divas out there, beat the sweat with these tips and let your makeup last long. Enhance you beauty like a pro and look beautiful always.

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