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Accident – An Unseen Crash

It was a dark night, she was alone, lost in her own world of thoughts. And was reading a new book she received as a gift from a long lost friend and browsing on her phone as well, when suddenly she heard a loud noise of car running too fast **AND BAAAM ITS A CAR CRRAASSSSHHHHH**
In front of her building gate, a car, suddenly crashed to a car parked. It was a loud noise and she was in shock for a moment. She look down from her balcony, she live on 11th floor and was surprised to see no one outside even after such a loud crash.

She murmured to herself, how can it be possible that nobody heard this crash? Who is in the car? Why he/she is in such a great hurry? Is he/she fine? Is someone taking care? Shall I go down?

And the **DOORBELL RANG, DINGDONG** and she tremble. All of a sudden, she noticed getting goosebumps and she was sweating. She slowly moved to the side table, hold up the clock to check time, it was 2:45Am. She was perplexed and was thinking who is knocking at this time and **DOORBELL RANG AGAIN, DINGDONG**

She stumbled, but managed herself, walk towards the door and tried to look out from keyhole but her vision was blurred. She cleaned the keyhole, look out again and saw no one. She turned around, and **DOORBELL RANG AGAIN, DINGDONG** she was flustered and perspiring because of fear.

She gathered all the courage, turn around again and look out of the keyhole again and again there was no one. She was petrified and wasn’t able to think anything, she was standing by the door and after 5 minutes **DOORBELL RANG AGAIN, DINGDONG**

She was scared to death but she accepted the weird situation with audacity and decided to open the door. She was shivering and loosing her grip to door handle but she put in all her courage and opened the door.

****SURPRISE****, her man exclaimed. But after seeing her face, her man was shocked. She was all sweaty, shivering and teary. He realized, surprising at the odd hour wasn’t a good idea and apologized.

She took another 10minutes to calm down and come back to normal and ask his man about his journey (Her husband, was out for an official meetup and returned early to surprise her) and how was the meetings. She made her special coffee for both of them , while his husband get freshen up. Than they sit together for a cup of coffee and talks.

He: I am sorry dear, I planned to surprise you but it went wrong.

She: Its ok, I was already fearful and you rang doorbell so many time that I got more scared and overreacted.

He: Fearful, why??

She: There was a car accident in front of our building, half hour back. A rushing car crashed to a car parked.

He: Accident!!!

She: Yes!!!

He: I am coming from outside, there is no signs of any car crash and wait I just reached and rang doorbell just once.

She was quivering & horrified, her face turned pale and her man was clueless why?


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  1. I’m.going to read thia series till the end. Good luck

  2. This looks so interesting, reading next part to know what happened.

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