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Back To Book – Off To Bed

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There was a strange silence of fright, scepticism and distress. After finishing their coffee they went to bed for rest of the night. Her man being tired from the long journey dozed off but she was unable to sleep and keep turning left and right.

After, trying for long time, she turned on the side lamp and opened her book again but she is not able to read, her mind is full of questions and her heart is still beating fast with fear. She is continuously having flashbacks about what happened – the car crash, multiple doorbells and why her man said he rang bell only once.

She tried to concentrate on her book and start reading the next chapter.

It was a dark night, Meera heard a big car crash and before she can understand anything, someone was continuously ringing her doorbell at 2:45AM

And She was sweating badly and her heart was pounding with fright. She was perplexed and terror-stricken. She closed the book with her shivering hands. She got flashback of entire sequence and realised she is reading what she saw few hours back.

She tried to wake up her husband, but she was frozen, choked and unable to call his name. She tried a alot but failed miserably. She was sweating with fear, shivering and feeling glued to her bed.

She is all teary and her body gets warm because of fear.And with all the things going through her mind, with fear embracing her tight and with lots of questions in her mind, she didn’t realised when she dozed off.Next day, she woke up pretty late and called her husband, he didn’t answer.

She get off the bed, searched for him and he was nowhere. With no signs and no notes, she stumbled again, balance herself on chair and murmured-

Where Are You, Nikhil?



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  1. Omg this is so spooky, I’m hooked to the story and waiting for the next post.

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